How to start talking to her: real life examples

Let’s have a look at some of the Russian girls and think up how you could start. Here we go with real CuteOnly profiles and possible openers. Hey, I don’t recommend sending that — she may get dozens of similar openers from the blog readers, weird.

As she has a number of photos in different interesting shoes (click the picture to view profile), you may exaggerate it a little bit: “I’ve shown your profile to Paris Hilton and she’s so jelaous of your collection of shoes!”

She has a photo next to the kids playground, so you may tell: “2nd photo: I never thought about age difference being problem, but… you still play toy trucks?”

She has a great body. So why not to compliment it, right? Wrong! Not until you’re living together for 40 years :-)  Sometimes you could step to this shaky ground, but be careful and jokingly: “2nd photo — I can’t believe I found someone on this site who is thinner than that tree”.

This one is from the previous post: “So you look great with everything: pink, white, parks, heavy duty port cranes :)”

As you can see from her profile, she has terrific, interesting photos and generally seems to be a fun loving person. She’s confident enough to post real life photos, without make up and Photoshop. She know she’s beautiful Russian girl. Wanna try playing with her? Teasing her a little bit maybe? Based from what I see, she will not be offended if you say: “I don’t know about men, but obviously pigeons and old ladies find something in you. Hi )”