About the Blog

Why we ever need it?

Because of you. You spent time navigating to this page and reading for more than 1.5 seconds. That’s how long average visitor spends on a new website, 1.5 seconds.

So, you look like an interesting person to me. I don’t know if you find it interesting, but I’ll try hard. Here’s what we gonna do:

  • Insiders look into the business. What we’ve tried, what actually worked and what didn’t.
  • Online dating tips. How to get more responses from girls, chat more, kiss more, get laid more or fall in love and get married — depending on your goals.
  • Tips on using CuteOnly. We’ve got bunch of statistics aggregated to share the most effective ways to attract women online.

Policy on Comments

We love to listen to your comments. Our support specialist Ksenia collects the complains (and usually they are complains, not praises) and forwards it to the responsible team members. Once in a while, we  have discussions initiated by your feedback.

However, what’s not permitted:

  • An attempt to obtain girls’ emails, MSN etc. right in the blog, in the comments. This would not work anyway. As you see, this blog is in English. We’ve got a separate web site for girls and it’s in Russian.
  • Spam. We get lots of it.

We’ll see if it works out. If not, we’d disable commenting like Google and many others. Anyway, we’re always welcome to our support section (meet Ksenia, our support specialist for years).


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