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Online dating statistics and interesting facts


Over the past few years, online dating has increasingly become a more widely accepted way of meeting a future partner and today, as many as one in five relationships are believed to begin online. You will probably be surprised to learn that:

  • Messages on a dating service that used words associated with laughing like ‘haha’ and ‘lol’ have a 17% higher chance of ending in an exchange of phone numbers.
  • You are 56% less likely to get a person’s number if you use the word ‘sorry’ in your opening line when you message someone on a dating service.
  • 61% of adults who have tried online dating agree that it is easier and more efficient than other ways of meeting people.
  • 31% of online daters agree that online dating keeps people from settling down, because they always have options for people to date.
  • 2 spelling errors in a man’s profile will reduce the chances of a response by 14% from a women. Spelling errors by women don’t affect their chances of getting a response.
  • Women receive 17 times as many messages as men on dating services.
  • Men use 21.9% more words than women do in their responses to questions about their dating profile.
  • 33% of online daters have never actually gone a date with someone they met through a dating service.
  • 20% of online daters have had someone for help with their dating profile. 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online.
  • Generally on a dating service the most attractive men send the most messages.
  • Women are much less likely than men to initiate contact on a dating service.
  • Women are 2.5x more likely than a man to receive a response if they initiate contact.
  • Members of dating services who share photos of themselves laughing have over 3 times more chances of communicating with other members.
  • Your dating profile is judge in part based on the last profile the person saw before yours. If it is more attractive then yours will be considered more attractive.
  • People looking for long-term relationships tend to log into their dating service the most on Tuesdays at 2pm. For younger singles and those looking to hookup the best time to find them online is 9pm.
  • 33% of women and 20% of men retouch photos for their dating profile. Most do slight tweaking like removing blemishes, whiten teeth, and/or change skin tone.
  • 47% of men and 27% of women have encountered a first date who looked nothing like their dating profile image.

Source: Dating Sites Review

March 8: International Women’s Day

flowers-flowers-bouquet-springingMarch 8th is nearly here! Do you have big celebration plans yet? If not, it’s time to think about how you would like to surprise your favorite women: Moms, sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends, co-workers. If you didn’t know yet, March 8th is the International Women’s Day and it is widely celebrated in Russian speaking countries.

History of the International Women’s Day

Interestingly, the holiday originated in New York in 1908 when women went on a strike to demand equal rights, voting rights, shorter hours and better pay.

In Russia International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1913 first time as a part of the peace movement on the eve of World War I. Soon, following the events of 1913, it was established that the International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th.

How is International Women’s Day celebrated in Russia today?

Today, International Women’s Day is one of the favorite public holidays in Russia. This day is associated with the first days of spring, warmth, first sunny rays and the most wonderful emotions. On March 8th men and women express their love and care to the women in their lives.

When it comes to gifts, it’s more about the gesture. It is not a secret, that women like attention, and even a small thing like a card, flowers and a box of chocolates will put a smile on your lady’s face. And of course, it also depends on how well you know each other: whether you are coworkers, relatives, are dating and so on. Now, let’s skip to the fun stuff – a few words and expressions in Russian that you might need when celebrating the International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day in Russia vocabulary

С 8 Марта – Happy March 8th

Поздравляю с 8 Марта - Wishing you a Happy March 8th

Поздравляю с Международным Женским Днём! – Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day!

Source: Fun Russian

Potential security concerns for online daters

While many different types of people go online to date – and they do it for multiple reasons, Kaspersky Lab study asked people about what they get up to when they are dating online, in order to understand the potential security implications.

The study found that a worrying number of online dating users are, through their profiles, placing sensitive information about themselves into the public domain, which could potentially lead them to harm if the information was to fall into the wrong hands.

For example, one-in-ten online dating users have shared their full home address publicly on their profile, have shared details about their work/ trade secrets, or personal details about their family in this way.

Many share photos of themselves this way:

  • 15% using online dating have shared photos of their family publicly by displaying them on their profile;
  • 7% have shared photos of their friends;
  • 9% have even shared intimate photos of themselves publicly on their profile.

People are more likely to give up information to those they have been ‘matched’ with in the online dating world:

  • 16% give out personal details to matches;
  • 15% tell matches embarrassing things about themselves;
  • 14% provide their matches with private or unclothed photos of themselves.

All of this information, in the wrong hands, can be used to track online dating users and their families online and offline, to crack their accounts by guessing passwords, for blackmail, and more. What’s more, this risky sharing happens faster than you might expect.


However, there is a disparity between men and women. When it comes to personal information, men are ready to share information about themselves much faster than women are. Female users are likely to share information after several months (25% vs 16%), while men are significantly more likely to hand over their personal details after just minutes or hours (16% vs 9%).

People might turn to online dating for fun and to strike up new relationships, but ironically the study shows that a large number of people lie in the process. 57% of online daters admitted they lie, most of whom (67%) turned out to be married men.

Among those that admitted they lie during online dating, the most popular things to lie about include their names, marital status, location and appearance – such as by showing fake photos.

So, why are people lying online? The study offers up many reasons including one-in-ten online daters (11%) using fake accounts as a way to protect themselves from harm. But other reasons vary from people trying to catch their partners cheating, to trying to make themselves look better, or simply lying for the fun of it.

Source: Kaspersky

Who is the typical online dater?

The way we conduct our romantic relationships is changing, and it’s clear that digital technologies have a key part to play in this change. Online dating popularity has been constantly growing during the past years.

In August 2017 Kaspersky Lab has undertaken a study into people’s online dating habits and identified a portrait of a typical online dater. The research assessed the attitudes of 21,081 Internet users aged over 16 years old from 32 countries and found that as many as 32% of them are dating online.

According to the results of the study, people that date online are most likely to be:

  • 33.8 years old on average
  • Working full-time (63%)
  • Slightly more likely to be male than female (39% of men date online vs 25% of women)
  • Device-savvy – they have around 5 mobile devices compared to the usual 3 per household
  • They are most likely to work as medium-level managers (20%) or be highly qualified specialists such as scientific workers, teachers and engineers (19%)

Many people that are on the online dating scene are young, as the 33.8 average age suggests, with 43% of 25-34 year olds using online dating services. Meanwhile, people that class themselves as the head of a company or business owners make up a surprisingly large one-in-ten (11%) of the online dating population. Interestingly, we also found that 31% of people that are married or living with a partner are using online dating.

So why are these people going online to start up relationships with others? Certainly, online dating provides all the convenience of making it quick and easy to meet people. Plus, it’s an activity that’s available across multiple devices, at all times of day and night.

Kaspersky Lab asked people why they turn to online dating and while half (48%) said they mostly use online dating for fun, other reasons were also evident, with some saying they are looking for more meaningful relationships, and around one-in-ten simply looking for sex (13%).170920-online-dating-report-1-e1505916102492
Source: Kaspersky

How to write a great first message

40045870402_f227993815_cThere are two things that make a good first message: finding common ground with a girl, then starting a conversation about it.

The key – and the best way to start a conversation – is to ask a question.

Girls love when you ask them questions.  It’s flattering that you care what they think, and they like talking about themselves.

But it can also be more complicated than that.  Online dating is a little like gaming. Writing a message and getting a girl to reply is the final battle with the boss.  In order to win, you’ll need all the knowledge, strength, and skill you’ve acquired so far.

Here’s how to level up with your first message:

1. Focus on quality, not quantity.  Unfortunately, many guys try to message a bunch of girls, instead of just the ones who are the best matches.  They don’t take time to write good messages. They’d rather write a lot of messages – and take any response they can get, whether or not the girl is a good fit for him. Girls see through this.  They get so many of those lazy mass-messages that they just ignore them.

If you spend a little more time messaging girls who are a good match for you, you’ll probably find it’s much more productive.  Look for girls with common interests, shared beliefs, and similar goals. Those girls are much more likely to respond to you because you are a good fit.

And a girl like that will appreciate that you took the time to read her profile, notice what you have in common, and ask her questions about those things, creating a solid connection.

2. Compliment common interests and personality – not looks. Girls are tired of getting messages from guys who compliment our looks, but have nothing to say about the rest of our profiles. Those messages are shallow and meaningless.

You’re not one of those guys, and you have to show that.  The best first messages show girls that you’re interested in who they are – not what they look like.

3. Start a conversation. So many guys don’t know HOW to do this!  They ask really general questions, like, “How’s your weekend going?” or “What’s up?” These messages are the worst. While “How are you?” is a question, it doesn’t actually start a conversation.  A girl can reply, “Good. How are you?” but then we’re back where we started. Pointless.  

If you read a girl’s profile and can’t think of a question to ask her based on the information there, don’t message her at all.

A great first message jumps past pointless questions and right into specific questions.  The best questions you can ask have “long-game.” That’s why it works so well to ask a girl about something you have in common.  When you bring up a topic you both like, you’ll both have lots to say about it, which paves the way for a longer conversation.

For example: say you and a girl are both snowboarders.  You could easily lead by asking her the question: “Where’s your favorite spot to snowboard around here?”  After she answers that, you’re probably also interested in asking how long she’s been snowboarding, what gear she likes, and if she has any upcoming trips planned.

Because you opened with a topic she’s interested in, too, she’ll probably ask you those questions back – plus more of her own. That’s a lot to talk about, and that’s long-game. To achieve this, you have to ask her questions.  The questions are the gas. Making a statement, like, “I like snowboarding, too,” doesn’t move the conversation forward.

4. Keep it simple.  As a rule of thumb, ask one or two questions.  Some guys make the mistake of firing off a long list of questions about a whole range of topics.  This is overwhelming to girls. And it’s time-consuming to answer ten questions!

Stick with one or two low-pressure questions that make it easy for us to respond quickly because we’re interested.  Online dating is awesome because a girl’s profile is one big list of conversation topics. Just pick one detail you think is cool, or you’re genuinely curious about, and ask her about it.   

Extra tip: Don’t answer your own questions.  When you ask the question and don’t including your own answer, then my next logical step will be to ask you the same question back.

5. Keep it short. Your first message should make a simple introduction, express your interest in her profile, ask one or two long-game questions about things you share in common, and then simply sign-off with your name.  A couple lines, or a paragraph or two is great. When guys write a lot more, they come on too strong.  

Leave girls wanting more.  With your first message, your goal is to make girls want to continue talking to you.  When we see you’re the kind of guy who makes an effort in a first message, but knows not to go overboard, we’ll be impressed.

Effort + confidence = a guy worth knowing.

6. Re-read what you wrote.  Look for spelling and grammatical errors.  It’ll only take a minute, and you’ll probably notice at least one typo that can be corrected.

And send.
Source: Menaskem

15 things not to do in Russia

woman-hand-leave-wall-glass-refrain-from-no-not(1)Whenever you’re traveling to a new destination, it’s important to research local customs before you go. Russia is no exception, especially because the local people tend to be very superstitious and you wouldn’t want to do anything that signifies bad luck. Here are 15 things NOT to do in Russia, the most important – don’t refuse vodka!

1. Don’t shake hands with your gloves on unless you want to insult the person you’re meeting

It is considered extremely impolite to leave your gloves on while greeting someone with a handshake. So make sure you remove your gloves before any interaction occurs. Also, never shake hands over a threshold as Russians see this as bad luck. They’ll expect an argument to be the outcome of your conversation if you shake hands in a doorway.

2. Don’t take the “last shirt” unless you’re really, truly in need

Russians have a funny phrase which translates roughly in English to “Do not take back the last t-shirt.” It simply means never be the one to take the last, and always give back. Therefore, Russians tend to be very generous even if they don’t have much to give. So never accept a gift unless you truly want it. You may be required to refuse it several times.

3. Whatever you do, never, ever tell a joke about a Russian person’s mama

Many jokes you’ll hear in Russia will not be considered politically correct as gender, race, religion and politics-based laughs are not off limits. However, never make fun of someone else’s family member as this is seen as very disrespectful and insulting.

4. Don’t disrespect the elderly unless you want to invoke the wrath of several much younger, much stronger people

Like with many countries, respecting the elderly is an important part of the family culture. Giving up your seat on a bus or a train for an elderly person or pregnant woman is a sign of respect. In certain countries, some may be offended by this privilege, but in Russia it is expected to offer your seat to someone in need.

5. If you invite someone out to eat, don’t expect them to pick up their half of the tab

When dining out, the host is expected to pay the entire bill, as going “Dutch” is considered rude. Also, the tradition of a man covering all expenses when with a female companion is definitely still upheld in Russia.

6. Don’t ever give a gift of an empty wallet … That’s actually just a good life rule

Russians believe that giving a gift of an empty wallet or purse is bad luck. They see it as wishing financial hardship or poverty on the receiver of the gift. So, make sure you put a little something special inside if you’re giving a lover or friend a new money holder.

7. Don’t expect a lady to carry her bags, which is another good life rule while we’re at it

In Russia, distinct gender roles still exist. Men are expected to act chivalrously – offering a hand to woman getting off of a bus, opening car doors, assisting with heavy lifting. But it has nothing to do with a lack of feminism in the country. Their women are strong, but most Russian men just believe that lending a hand is a simple act of politeness.

8. The Russians reserve happiness for important things, so don’t smile without a reason

Russians reserve smiling for their friends and family members. So don’t randomly smile at strangers while you’re riding on public transportation or shopping in Moscow. Russians have a saying, “To smile with no reason, is a sign of a fool.”

9. Don’t show up empty handed

If you’re invited over to someone’s house for a dinner or a visit, it is considered very rude to show up empty handed. Bring a small gift – a bottle of wine, flowers, dessert or small toy for the children. Russians take pride in preparing elaborate meals for their guests and showing up without a small token of appreciation is a sign that you don’t care.

10. Get comfortable, grab a drink, and don’t leave your shoes on

Whenever entering a Russian home it is proper custom to remove your shoes. Many homes are decorated with expensive Persian rugs that are difficult to clean. Some hosts may offer tapochki (slippers) for you to put on. At nice parties, some women may bring an extra pair of heels or shoes for inside use.

11. Don’t sit at the corner of the table unless you want to live an existence doomed to utter loneliness

This is another Russian superstition. It is advised that you never sit at the corner of the dining table, especially if you’re a young woman. It is said that “the one who chooses a seat at the corner of a table is destined to never be married or find their lover.”

12. Don’t whistle indoors unless you want to invite disaster into your life

Like many Asian cultures, whistling indoors in Russia is considered bad luck. Russians are very superstitious and believe that whistling inside may cause financial ruin, poverty, or another invasion of cockroaches.

13. Get ready to cowboy up when you enter a home; don’t refuse a shot

It is true that many Russians can drink, but not all Russians are heavy drinkers. Most keep one bottle of vodka in their homes at all times for celebrations and random visitors. If you’re offered a shot of vodka don’t refuse it, because sharing a drink is considered a sign of hospitality. Russians don’t see one shot as a big deal, so to them a refusal comes off as untrusting or turning down friendship.

14. Don’t keep empty bottles on the table

If you’re drinking in a Russian home, leaving an empty liquor bottle on the table is considered to be bad luck. Once the bottle has been drunk, it is best to put it on the floor or throw it out before the next bottle is served. It’s also recommended that you keep your change and keys off the table as well. These are all bad omens of financial loss and tears.

15. This isn’t Denny’s on a Sunday morning, so don’t slack in the style department

Russians dress very well. Men and women alike love to dress up even for informal occasions like grocery shopping or going to the bank. You’ll hardly ever see a Russian woman on the street without a full set of makeup and sky-high heels. So, the next time you’re in Russia, up your style standards.

Source: Destinationtips

International Women’s Day in Russia

petal-bloomed-blooming-flowerInternational Women’s Day in Russia honors women’s achievements on March 8 each year.

What do people do?

International Women’s Day is often celebrated among family or friends with a festive meal and drinks. Many women receive flowers, cards and other gifts on March 8. Many television programs pay tribute to achievements of famous Russian women from the past and the present.

Public life

International Women’s Day is a public holiday in Russia on March 8. Most banks, official buildings and educational institutions are closed on this day, although shops and kiosks usually stay open. Public transport may run less frequently than usual.


Russian women first observed International Women’s Day on March 2, 1913. They held a demonstration in Saint-Petersburg, which was then Russia’s capital, demanding the right to vote. On March 8, 1917 (February 23, 1917 of the then used Julian calendar), women organized another mass demonstration. Many historians believe this became the start of the Russian Revolution. The Russian Emperor Nicholas II stepped down from the throne four days after the demonstration, and the provisional government granted Russian women the right to vote.

International Women’s Day has been a national holiday in Russia since 1918. It became a non-labor day in 1965. International Women’s Day remained a public holiday in the Russia after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Today it is a holiday to honor motherhood, beauty, and spring. International Women’s Day is also celebrated in other countries around the world.


Spring flowers, especially tulips and lilies of the valley, and images of a mother with a child are the most common symbols of International Women’s Day in Russia. These symbols often appear on postcards that men traditionally give women on March 8.

International Women’s Day vocabulary

С 8 Марта – Happy March 8th

Поздравляю с 8 Марта - Wishing you a Happy March 8th

Поздравляю с Международным Женским Днём! – Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day!

Source: Time and Date

Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia


Defender of the Fatherland Day is a Russian holiday on February 23 and focuses on the achievements of military forces and veterans.

What do people do?

Many Russians observe February 23 as men’s day because military service is obligatory for most men in Russia. Women often give presents and postcards to their male relatives, including those who never served in the military. On a workday before or after the holiday, many women also congratulate their male colleagues and schoolboys may receive small presents from their female classmates.

Russian authorities may organize local parades to honor the military and veterans on this day. It is becoming more common for women who serve in the military to be honored on this day, and this challenges the traditionally masculine aspect of the holiday.

Public life

Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is on February 23, is a public holiday throughout the Russian Federation. Most schools, banks and official buildings are closed on this day. Public transport services may vary in cities that hold a parade.


The reasons behind celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 are unclear, as the date does not coincide with any historical event. Russia first celebrated this day in 1922 as the fourth anniversary of the Red Army. However, Russian leader Vladimir Lenin signed a decree for the creation of a Bolshevik Army on a different date (January 15, 1918). In 1938, Soviet history books started claiming that the Red Army won an important victory over German invaders on February 23, 1918, but no independent sources supported this claim. The Russian Parliament voted to remove it from the holiday’s history in 2006.

Between 1936 and 1990, February 23 was observed as the Soviet Army and Navy Day. It became a workday in 1991. The Russian parliament reintroduced it as a public holiday in 2002, after renaming it as Defender of the Fatherland Day.


Common symbols of Defender of the Fatherland Day are a soldier and the Russian flag. These symbols often appear on postcards and congratulatory banners in Russian cities on this day.

Source: Time and Date

Valentine’s day in Russia

love-heart-valentines-valentines-day-redRussians celebrate Valentine’s Day with high spirit and vigor. People exchange greeting cards with love messages on this day of love. It is believed that greeting cards are the expressions of love. Russian youngsters use to write their own romantic lines on the cards to impress their valentine. Roses, chocolates, candies and cards are believed to be the most popular gifts for the romantic occasion. Russia is celebrating the Valentine’s Day with the same spirit with which they celebrate their traditional festivals.

The day of love is getting very popular in Russia in the last decades. Valentine’s Day is getting much commercialized in Russia, from the past decade. Some gift shops in Russia use to paint themselves with the festive look of Valentine’s Day long before the arrival of the real Valentine’s event. Gift basket is a common practice between lovers in Russia on Valentine’s Day. Russian Young men gifts flower bouquets, rings, perfumes, chocolate candies and gift baskets to their sweethearts. Nowadays, teenagers are very much fascinated by the popular media’s projection of Valentine’s gifts and they enjoy the day with new ideas such as photo story albums, musical CDs, DVDs, High-Fi mobile phones.

Russia being one of the most developed countries, urban people are very familiar with the electronic media and its possibilities. So people from different cities the valentine greetings with e-cards and gifts which available through online Valentine’s Day shopping sites. Valentine’s Day dinner and dance parties take place in Russian cities to celebrate the expression of love. Most of these parties are arranged by the youngsters who want to explore the spirit of their youth. Restaurant and pubs get prepared for the Valentine’s Day with finely tuned cocktails and live music. Russia celebrates the Valentine’s Day with true spirit of Valentine’s day but they never get into the insanity of celebration because most of Russian villages think of Valentine’s day as a foreign festival.

Source: Everything Valentines Day

Tips to make online dating more fun

2078861065_1f1ff4178c_bDating gets a bad rap sometimes. We get so worked up about the outcome, we forget to enjoy the experience. Here are 13 little ways to make online dating more fun.

1. Drop expectations

If you’re demanding that your date show up a certain way, you’ll miss the opportunity to enjoy what’s actually in front of you. Get clear on what your must-haves and deal-breakers are, but stay open to possibility.

2. Intend to have fun… no matter what

No more “The goal of this date is to find a husband/wife!” pressure. Keep it light. That’s where the flow gets flowing.

3. Be present

Projecting 20 years into the future within five minutes of a first date distracts you from the getting-to-know-you process. Slow it down and let things reveal themselves.

4. Become the kind of person you’d like to date

Is it possible you haven’t yet met the (likely insanely high) standards you hold for someone you want to date? Get good with yourself and you’ll start to attract perfect-for-you people into your life in dating and everywhere else.

5. See every date as an opportunity for some fun new conversation

Meeting new people is fun, right? At worst it’ll make for a good story.

6. Be an anthropologist

Take nothing personally. Observe with a curious “Hmm, isn’t this interesting” mindset.

7. View your online dates as great practice for when you do meet the person you really want to be with

Even if this person doesn’t turn out to be a fit for you, you’ll walk away with useful information moving forward.

8. Let things unfold

If it’s meant to move forward, it will. No need to force anything.

9. Ditch the hype

Be mindful about letting your hopes snowball before you’ve even met this person. Take it one step at a time.

10. Drop judgment.

They’re going to have quirks. You’ve got a few, too. Leave room for humanness—that’s where the good stuff is.

11. Focus on enjoying your life

The less energy you spend worrying about meeting the partner of your dreams, the more you’ll be able to enjoy them when they actually show up. Create some breathing room so she can enter your life.

12. Stop comparing your dates to your exes (or anyone else)

Give this human being a chance to reveal themselves.

13. Trust the process

Relax. No need to rush. Let things unfold. When it’s time (according to the universe, not your ego), the right relationship will come.

Try on a few of these practices and you’ll likely find yourself on a date with an amazing person who it might just turn out will make this whole dating thing worthwhile.

Source: Meetmindful