Monthly Archives: July 2014

Temporarily we only accept PayPal

Before, you had two payment gateways:

  1. PayPal (registered account needed)
  2. 2Checkout that processed only the credit cards.

Now we temporarily only accept payments through PayPal. Continue reading

Payment gateways

When you deal with payment systems, it’s complicated. Payment systems are guys who process your credit card payments. But once you tell them you’re a dating site, many doors get shut. Continue reading

The death of advanced search

At the moment, CuteOnly has advanced search. This is a dead user interface pattern.

Why? Because they suck. If you ever used Advanced search (not essentially here, but anywhere) you know how it feels, when you set number of parameters and get zero records found. It sucks. You may need few changes in parameters to get the suitable result. Basically, you use the trial and error technique, which is known for inefficiency. Whatever is not efficient, is dead.
Instead, we use filters.
Instead of trial and error, you can predict how many girls you find. You estimate that checking 18-22 shows ~2000 profiles. That is effective.  

The new message center

The concept behind the current message center at CuteOnly is email.

  • Messages had subjects
  • There was a list of separate messages.

It leads to:

  1. Stupid subjects that all look alike. “Hi Jon”, “Hola love!” etc. People complain about fake emails.
  2. Chaos in the inbox. We don’t even have threads.

Now we switch to chat.

  1. No subjects needed anymore.
  2. Organized inbox. One person, one entry.
  3. Less clicking to respond messages.