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New features, improvements and fixes.

Girls who impressed us

We publish regular snapshot of the most beautiful girls of the week on Facebook. We pick them manually. Here is what we have this week:

Russian girls who impressed ones

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Usability of translations

Right now we offer a “one-button” translation for Girls. Here is how it looks like on the Russian website for girls:

Men don’t have any translation tools at all. It’s because all the messages they receive have been translated into English already.

Anyway, we improved the translations for our new version of CuteOnly:

  1. We simplified the single click operation for girls. Now it requires no clicks at all.
  2. Now we offer message source for guys. If the receiver isn’t sure about some point of translation, he can check the source message in Russian and do something about it:
  • Try it with Google Translate. It gives multiple options.
  • Ask a Russian girl to explain. It could be fun.
  • Ask our support to assist.

Translations in international dating

Translations have been always a big deal for the international dating. Only a few Russians speak fluent English, and even less foreigners speak Russian.

Some dating sites offer paid manual translations. They charge up to 8 dollars per message. That’s an astonishing amount. Sure, it’s good for business. This model generates around $160 per customer. Much more than ours. Sure it’s good for business, but not that good for a client’s wallet and violates the privacy of correspondence.

We decided to offer it charge-free; it’s been always free (since 2004). Sure we do need money, but charging per message limits the amount of mail and the less mail our customers send and receive the worse for the community in general.

This post looks like a self-promo, right? Next time we will continue in a different key.  I promise.