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First message recommendations for international daters

International dating can be likened to selecting sweets in a candy store for some guys. For others, it’s a long and arduous journey through hundreds of “no’s.” However you feel about it, international online dating is no longer taboo and is here to stay. But dating services are like gyms: you may know how to use some of the equipment, but you’re definitely not getting the most out of it. Worse, if you do it incorrectly, you may end up harming yourself.


Follow these easy guidelines to ensure that your first message to a lady isn’t your last:

Demonstrate that you have read her profile.

It’s no secret that most guys make decisions about whether or not to approach a lady based solely on their appearance. Although appearances are essential, you’re looking for long-term partnerships rather than one-night stands. So take a moment to go at her profile. You don’t have to read it all the way through, but you should scan it enough to get a sense of who she is. Then make a remark about it.

Don’t go crazy and remark on every line.

Yes, learning about the woman and reading what she wrote is important, but don’t go crazy trying to prove that you did. Too much attention, too soon, might indicate that you are desperate or in need. That isn’t considered sexy by anyone.

Here is a bad example: “I adore all of your profile images, especially one of you in a blue outfit. My favorite color is blue. You also mentioned that you enjoy watching TV shows. That’s something I appreciate as well. I’ve never tried horseback riding, but I see you have a lot of experience with it. Are you willing to teach me?”

Make sure your first message is around 200 characters long.

So many males don’t take the time to send even a basic letter, whether it’s due to laziness, a lack of ambition, or simply a numbers game.

This is not going to work, even knowing that men aren’t as verbally expressive as women. According to studies, the ideal message length is 200 characters, which is somewhat longer than a tweet. If you’re looking for someone special, make an effort and don’t restrict yourself to a simple “hello!” message.

Nice example: “I really like that you have a photo of yourself windsurfing! I’ve tried it and found it to be a lot of fun. I adore the sun and the water. Where is your favorite place to surf?”

Double-check your spelling and grammar.

Remember that initial impressions are everything when it comes to online dating. You should constantly put your best foot forward. Having a message littered with errors implies that you are either lazy, indifferent, or simply foolish. Keep in mind that not all of the ladies on an international dating service speak English fluently. Online translation will not assist if the content is riddled with typos and slang terms. Please take a moment to proofread your messages before sending them.

Don’t go too far with your investigation.

You could be incredibly excellent at finding out where some of the objects in her images are, and Google is fantastic for investigating, but now isn’t the time to show off how knowledgeable you are about her before you’ve ever met. You may believe it demonstrates effort, enjoyment, and intellect. It can, however, come across as spooky, menacing, and unsettling.

Use a template for your first message.

Here’s what you should say in your initial message to a potential match:

- Make a comment on anything in her profile.
- Demonstrate that you have something in common.
- Ask an open question.

Be patient.

According to statistics, first-message response rates range between 22 and 40 percent on average, so anticipate the overwhelming majority, if not the vast majority, of messages to go unanswered. That is the truth. Remember that it’s a numbers game, and you can’t win if you don’t play.

Make some changes and wait for nice results.

Most of the time, little changes to your messages and profiles are all that is required to increase your response rate but don’t be too rigid. If something doesn’t seem to be working, change it up a little. Experiment with something new. Also, don’t overwork yourself. Remember, this is supposed to be enjoyable!


Traditional dating habits in Ukraine

Make an effort to learn about Ukraine’s history, culture, and conventions if you want to date or marry someone from the country. This way, you can ensure that you understand what you’re getting into and that you can go without hesitation.

Women in Ukraine typically perceive their spouses as the family’s leaders. Traditional Ukrainian society has well-defined gender roles, with women preferring to stay at home and care for their families over pursuing professional progress.

However, society has lately shifted, and Ukrainian women are breaking through gender barriers. A growing number of women are taking up leadership roles, ushering in a new age for working women in Ukrainian culture.

Despite the fact that modern feminism is quite widespread in contemporary Ukrainian culture, pre-Soviet dating customs and traditions still exist. Men are still supposed to be chivalrous, and women are still urged to marry early.


In today’s dating landscape, the concept of conventional gender roles is still there. When it comes to asking women out, organizing dates, and paying the bill, males are supposed to take the lead.

Personal space

When meeting someone for the first time in Ukraine, it is customary to shake hands and make eye contact. On a first date, the male, on the other hand, waits for the lady to extend her hand first. In Ukraine, personal space is not highly respected. As a consequence, you’ll see people standing close together and speaking animatedly yet softly rather often.

There is a lot of physical touch during chats. Depending on your upbringing, this may make you feel uneasy in the early stages of a relationship. If they remain silent, keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily an indication that a girl is interested in you; it’s just her culture.


Ukrainian women may often be emotional in the dialogues. It’s not meant to be taken personally; it’s simply part of their Ukrainian culture. Women in Ukraine are known for having strong opinions, so don’t assume that if they disagree with you, it’s because they’re attempting to destroy your values and beliefs; they’re simply trying to make their point as clear as possible.

Traditional dating standards

While Ukrainian women today are very modern, they maintain their traditional dating standards, particularly toward males.

When it comes to paying the bill, men are expected to pay. In the face of current feminism, this may appear to be counterproductive, yet this culture is viewed as a kind of respect for women’s autonomy.

Women, on the other hand, work hard to keep their proper attitude. You’d be hard pushed to meet a Ukrainian woman who doesn’t care about how she looks. Women in Ukraine refrain from engaging in unfeminine behaviors such as swearing, smoking, or binge drinking.

Getting her parents’ consent

The family unit is extremely important to all Ukrainians. Women, in particular, place a high significance on their parents’ advice. As a result, they are honest about their personal lives with their parents.

This means you may receive an invitation to meet the family sooner than you would have expected. Not only do Ukrainian women want their parents to approve of their partner, but they also want them to spend time together.

With this in mind, it’s vital to create a good first impression and acknowledge that her family is now yours.

Traditional gender roles

When it comes to family life in Ukraine, males are expected to be breadwinners and provide for their families. Women, on the other hand, are in charge of their children and their homes.

Ukrainian women are known for being incredibly faithful and thoughtful to their partners. They are likewise devoted to their families, prioritizing them over their careers.

8 tips for having a nice time on a date with a Ukrainian woman

Making the decision to date ladies of Slavic origin might be the finest decision you make this year. There’s nothing wrong with dating at home, but there are times when you want to try something new. You will not be disappointed if you date Ukrainian ladies.


Keep in mind that dating someone from a different culture might be difficult. Each culture has its own set of standards for what attributes make someone an attractive mate.

What is considered romantic or nice in the United States, for example, may not be well accepted in Ukraine.

Is it necessary for guys to dress up when they first start dating in Ukraine? Is there a set of guidelines that you must follow in order to win the hearts of attractive Ukrainian women? How do you determine whether you’re a good fit for them as a possible partner?

It’s vital to have a strong understanding of Ukrainian dating culture before rushing into a relationship with a woman from this country. Here are some helpful hints for having a good time on a date with a Ukrainian woman:

Learn some interesting facts about Ukraine.

Learn some fascinating facts about Ukrainian culture so that you may wow your Ukrainian date. It will also reveal your genuine interest in her and help you form a solid relationship.

Dress sharply.

You may be accustomed to wearing casual clothing on a date in Western society. However, bear in mind that when you’re out on a date with a Ukrainian woman, it’s traditional to dress sharply.

T-shirts and flip-flops are out of the question since these ladies want to see a well-dressed gentleman.

Don’t forget about perfume.

Aside from looking nice, you should also smell good. Put on some decent cologne, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your date to suffocate while you’re out on a date.

Choose a mild, fresh perfume and apply it sparingly.

Bring some flowers.

Men seldom present flowers on a first date in Western countries. However, in Ukraine, this is a must. A bouquet is always appreciated, but make sure to bring an odd amount of flowers. In Ukrainian culture, even numbers of flowers are designated for funerals for some reason.

A single red rose is an ideal choice.

Always act like a gentleman.

Every girl’s fantasy is to date someone who actually cares about her. Ukrainian men are typically chivalrous, but due to the country’s low male population, some of the ladies never have the opportunity to experience this.

Be as chivalrous and honest as possible when you begin dating a Ukrainian girl. If you do this, you will quickly win her heart.

Be respectful.

Be nice and respectful to Ukrainian women and other people around you. Ukrainian girls desire a well-mannered man at their side who understands how to act and will not disgrace them at any social function.

Take the lead on a date.

In Ukrainian culture, the guy is supposed to take the lead on a date. This implies he should be the one to bring up issues and keep the conversation going.

However, there are some things that are deemed unsuitable on first dates, such as discussing your ex or anything too intimate.

You can discuss one other’s interests, hobbies, and points of view on many topics. The essential thing to remember is to keep a pleasant attitude and to avoid having too intimate chats unless both of you are comfortable with it.

Pay for your date.

Splitting the bill is not recommended when taking a woman from Ukraine out on a date. Ukrainian ladies nearly always appreciate a genuine gentleman who pays for the date.

That isn’t to say that these females can’t support themselves. In fact, they’re more than capable of doing so. Some even demand payment, but this should never happen, especially on your first few dates.

Instead, inform your date that the next time you go out, you can share the cost. This will demonstrate to her that you want to see her again. When that day arrives, don’t let her pay the bill. That is one of the most effective strategies to establish a good first impression.