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International online dating misconceptions

Despite all of the online success stories of interracial couples meeting on dating sites, many people continue to accept the persistent misunderstandings and myths about international dating. Men and women who used international internet dating were historically labeled with derogatory terms.


Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions about international dating so that you don’t miss out on discovering genuine love with a Slavic lady:

The Green Card hunting.

This myth is as ancient as international internet dating itself, and it has remained popular to this day. The idea that women seeking American marriages are simply searching for a method to get citizenship in the United States is based on false and unfounded claims made by a few members of society.

In reality, applying for a Green Card on its own might take many years to be authorized. Furthermore, an immigrant can petition for U.S. citizenship only after 3 to 5 years of permanent residency; this might be prohibited for a variety of reasons, including fictitious marriage.

There are too many scammers.

When discussing international online dating, the scammer’s paradise is an all-too-common stereotype. Unfortunately, no matter how careful and committed most of these sites are to removing this stigma, it has persisted.

However, it cannot be denied that a few people use online dating to extort money from site members, which gives international online dating a bad reputation. However, there are far too few of them to say that international online dating sites are riddled with con artists.

It’s too difficult and expensive.

Remember how much time and money you normally waste on meaningless dates with women? And how much money might be saved if you had enough time before the first date to get to know each other properly and build your affections at a distance?

Meeting a girl from another country will very certainly need spending money on plane tickets and coordinating her relocation. However, when you consider how many lovely moments of love you will offer each other, these costs are nothing.

This is not appropriate for a committed relationship.

Contrary to common assumption, couples who meet online – whether globally or locally – are more likely to marry before those who meet offline. This is due to the fact that people who meet online spend more time getting to know each other before going out on a date.

As a result, online couples may be confident that they are compatible with the person with whom they are chatting before meeting in person and going out. Furthermore, the countless success stories of foreign couples who met online are proof that these relationships may continue.

Finally, it has been proven time and time again that how and where couples meet has little bearing on the durability of their relationship. Short-lived relationships are caused by issues such as financial difficulties, adultery, and other irreconcilable conflicts.

It’s not cool at all.

Even before international dating was taboo, internet dating was.
But nowadays, almost everyone you talk to has used an online dating site at least once. You can communicate with absolutely anyone anywhere on the planet now that online dating services are taking it up a level in connecting you with potential partners. It’s like meeting people from all around the world without physically being there.

So international dating does not make you a loser; rather, it makes you appear really cool because it allows you to meet women from all over the globe and form connections with them.

Dating a woman from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a fascinating country in Central Asia, on the boundary of Europe and Asia. It was a part of the Soviet Union for a long period, and as a result, it has a diverse population.

Ethnic Kazakhs make up about 65 percent of the country’s 17 million residents. However, many different nationalities may be found in this country. Around 90% of Kazakhs live in the country’s southern areas, whereas northern cities are still dominated by Russians.

Kazakh ladies are a true national asset. They exemplify both European aristocracy and Asian mystique. The Kazakh people have been paying homage to the guardians of the family hearth since ancient times. There are numerous historical traditions in Kazakhstan about female warriors who were also dependable mates for their men.


Beautiful and modest

Beautiful Kazakh women have distinct physical characteristics that they know how to accentuate. They wear makeup sparingly since they know they look amazing and appealing even without it. Kazakhstan ladies are known for their unique elegance, charm, and beauty. At the same time, their attractiveness is open and brazen due to their confidence, self-esteem, and strong spirit.

Friendly and respectful

Kazakh women basically want everyone to feel at ease in their company. Even when dealing with strangers, they are generally polite and considerate. Kazakh women set an example of honest loyalty and respect for their parents and elders. They show their parents a great deal of respect and thanks. Because of the strong ties between the Russian Federation and China, these lovely oriental ladies are often well-educated and bilingual.

Ready for serious relationships

Even today’s Kazakh women are more likely to marry young. Due to the imbalance in the number of men and women in this country, it is difficult for them to find trustworthy spouses. Another characteristic of these lovely oriental ladies is that they are willing to accept a big age gap between themselves and their life partners, and often prefer their spouses to be somewhat older.


These lovely ladies are searching for loving and self-sufficient men who can offer a good life for their families, where their children may grow up in mental, physical, and spiritual comfort. Kazakh households are known for having large families. Kazakh ladies are said to be capable of rocking the cradle with one hand while holding the entire planet with the other. This term perfectly depicts fragile and lovely ladies who are strong and intelligent enough to overcome any challenge and capture the hearts of men.

Women in Kazakhstan are unfamiliar with Western feminist views. These young women do not wish to vie for influence and power with men. They would gladly obey you in everything if you behave like a gentleman. Women and men play various roles in Kazakh culture. So, if you treat your Kazakh girl with respect, she will feel like a real woman and embrace your romance.

Kazakhstan women are attractive to males due to their physical appearance and strong moral values. If you meet one of them, she’ll almost probably consider you a serious dating candidate. To improve your chances of marrying a Kazakhstan woman, present the image of a strong and self-sufficient guy and demonstrate your responsible attitude and firm intents toward her:

Women from Borisov, Belarus

Borisov is a large industrial city in the Minsk region, which combines ancient architecture and modern buildings. Every visitor can sense the Belarusians’ friendliness and kindness. There are now 613 enterprises and 42 factories operating in the area. People from all across the country come here looking for chances for professional and personal development.

The city is located 70 kilometers from Minsk and serves as an important transit hub for the Belarusian Republic. It has a population of around 150 thousand people. Borisov’s biggest pride, however, is his charming females, who will not leave any man uninterested. Thousands of guys from various cities and countries fantasize about having relationships with these lovely ladies. They have a number of distinct advantages that make them excellent wives and mothers.


Women from Borisov are the epitome of femininity. Their porcelain skin, long legs, and exquisite outfits make them irresistible. Furthermore, Belarusian women tend to have a light complexion, blue eyes, and long, blond hair.

A decent education is essential for Borisov females. Gymnastics, ballet, and dance are popular activities for young girls, as are musical instruments and painting. Belarusians are very generous and truthful people. If you ask a woman from Borisov to take a photograph with you, she will gladly oblige.

A lady from Borisov is family-oriented and hardworking. She may have assisted her mother in raising her younger sister and brother. Perhaps she worked a part-time job while at university to supplement her income. She’s not one of those spoilt ladies that refuse to work.

Borisov women are able to balance job and household responsibilities. Women have a relatively high status in Belarus, where they play a major part in public life.

How to date a Slavic lady

Experts in online dating provide guys with various pointers on how to date a Slavic woman and keep her happy. While the majority of foreigners ignore them, men who consider Slavic dating benefits are content with their relationships with women. Follow the advice below to keep your connection harmonious and to prevent common blunders made by other online dating users.


Be truthful about your life.

Men who want to date an Eastern European woman and seek assistance should honestly answer her questions. Even though you value your relationships and want to preserve a romantic environment, don′t try to hide any terrible events from your past while discussing former affairs, family, and other topics. If someone has shattered your heart, tell your new love about it. A Slavic girl is a wonderful companion who embraces all your good and negative qualities, so don′t be scared to tell her the truth.

Take care of any moral issues.

In terms of closeness, foreign guys who are unsure how to date Slavic females should take their time. Because they desire to get to know a partner better, not all women tolerate discussing sex themes during online conversations on the website. Also, instead of trying to micromanage every aspect of her behavior, let her select what she wants to do and who she wants to meet with. Because Eastern European women are committed, the pressure might be interpreted as a sign of abusive conduct, discouraging girls.

Make your communication process natural and relaxed.

Men all over the world are infatuated with the thought of dating a sensuous Slavic lady, but not all of them understand how to earn her respect and want to get closer. Admit her signs of attraction, be self-assured, and be cheerful if you want to succeed at online dating. Manipulation and continual control should not be part of your relationship. Guys that understand how to date a Slavic lady strive to make their communication as natural and easygoing as possible. Do the same and make use of your seducing power.

Immerse yourself in Slavic culture.

In a relationship with a woman from Slavic country, foreign men are deprived of what is important: a shared cultural background. Many issues will be beyond your Slavic woman’s comprehension; you will not laugh at her jokes, and so on. This is the major argument used by individuals who feel that real love can never exist between people from different nations. As a result, in order to form deep bonds with her, you must immerse yourself in her culture.

Display your generosity.

Slavic girls appreciate generous gestures. It′s a way to demonstrate a man′s admiration which these women are used to.  Flowers and nice little presents should not be overpriced, but they should be chosen with love. So, if you’re interested in dating Eastern European women, keep this in mind while planning your first meeting offline.

Love the country as much as the woman.

You’ve decided to marry one of the eastern European ladies; you’re in love with each other. You must accept her as she is, and she will reciprocate. Just don’t show her your disdain for one or more of her country’s traditions, and don’t advise her how to live correctly, etc. Show respect for her native land. It will be much appreciated by her.

Be the alpha man.

There’s a lot of discussion these days about “toxic masculinity,” and it may appear that being a male and acting like a man is unhealthy. Self-sufficient Slavic women, on the other hand, truly want their spouses to act like real men. At the very least, they want their men to be brave and accept responsibility.

Women from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Nur-Sultan is Kazakhstan’s capital and a pleasant place to live. Tourists travel from all over the world to see this city. There are several attractions, as well as a lovely climate and friendly people. It was a modest town in the country’s heartland 20-30 years ago before it grew into a metropolis and became Kazakhstan’s capital. The main highlight of the city is the symbiosis of East and West. Nur-Sultan is distinguished from other cities by its junction of radically distinct cultures, quick growth and development, respect for traditions, and openness to new ideas.

The greatest asset of Nur-Sultan is its citizens who are friendly, kind, and hospitable. Girls that stand out for their extraordinary beauty, smart mind, and sense of humour, in particular. They are being raised in big families where traditions are respected. They are taught to respect males and to be role models for housewives. And how else do Nursultan females differ from other city girls?


Nur-Sultan girls are renowned by their humility. In general, most Kazakh women have this trait since their parents raise them in relative severity and expect excellent behavior from them; girls from Nur-Sultan grow up to be timid, good-natured, and polite. When girls meet men, they expect them to take the initiative, yet they might be shy and timid themselves.

Many girls dream of marrying and starting a family, but the girls from Nur-Sultan take it more seriously than any other girl. A spouse is a particular individual to whom they swear to be true for the rest of their life, therefore wedding traditions in Kazakhstan deserve their own article. These rituals are extremely essential and necessary for the people that live there! As a result, Nursultan women look forward to their wedding as the most important day of their lives.

Nur-Sultan girls are easily identified due to their distinctive face traits and physique. Slanted black eyes, short brown hair, and an elegant yet stocky body. They have a lot of the East in them, which charms men and entices them to marry them. However, it is worth mentioning that many Kazakh women, while appreciating their inherent beauty, are increasingly aiming for modern beauty standards. For example, there is a proclivity to lighten one’s hair. They also seek to seem lighter and thinner by experimenting with various diets and physical activity.

Nurstultan ladies are increasingly striving after the image of European females and mimicking them in a variety of ways. This is reflected in their style in certain ways. And, with the current trend for naturalness, girls from Nur-Sultan prefer simple looks that aren’t overburdened with unnecessary details. They are also used to achieve natural-looking makeup. In general, they are adept at integrating all of the characteristics of Eastern and Western women. On the one hand, they accentuate their distinctiveness, but on the other, they absorb all of the greatest European trends.

Are you looking for a girl from Nur-Sultan? It’s that simple! After all, there are many of gorgeous and lonely women looking for a suitable partner. Why don’t you attempt taking control of the situation and taking the initiative?

International Women’s Day

The 8th of March is almost here! Have you made any preparations for a celebration yet? If not, it’s time to plan how you’ll surprise your favorite Russian speaking women. If you didn’t already know, March 8th is International Women’s Day, which is commonly observed in Slavic countries.


The March 8th history.

Surprisingly, the holiday began in New York in 1908, when women went on strike to seek equal rights, voting rights, shorter hours, and higher pay.

International Women’s Day was originally observed in Slavic countries in 1913 as part of the peace movement on the advent of World War I. Following the events of 1913, it was quickly decided that International Women’s Day would be honored on March 8th.

International Women’s Day celebration nowadays.

International Women’s Day has become one of the most popular public holidays in Russian speaking countries nowadays. This day is linked to the first days of spring, warmth, the first rays of sunshine, and the most lovely emotions. Men and women show their love and concern for the ladies in their life on March 8th.

The 8th of March has become a romantic occasion, with men buying mimosas or roses and sweet little gifts for their wives, and stores filled with champagne and boxes of chocolates. Men make romantic declarations instead of political statements seeking equality.

This lovely spring holiday is usually celebrated with a festive meal and champagne in the family circle. Visiting friends is another common way to commemorate March 8th. Flowers, poetry postcards, chocolate, and other nice gifts are offered by men to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. Many men also take over the housework on this day as a token of their appreciation, so that women can enjoy a full day of rest.

Use the practices involved with this day’s celebration to deepen your bond with a female you met on an international dating website. You might congratulate her by sending her a beautiful postcard through email, arranging for a stunning bunch of flowers to be delivered, or just calling her and saying many kind things. We are confident that your girlfriend will be overjoyed if you pay particular attention to her on this lovely spring day.