Monthly Archives: March 2015

Our console for fighting scam

As scam is a hot topic in Russian dating, we explain a lot how much we’re interested in fighting scam. But one thing is to say, and another is to show how it works on our side. Here we go. As a blog author, I’d prefer our scam fighting tool looks like this: Fightscamtool

In reality, it’s nothing like that. Way less spectacular. This is the screenshot of the admin’s console in CuteOnly. The first thing to do for a day is check scammers (all removed for the day I took it).


How scammers get to this list? We’ve got sophisticated algorithms working here, wrote by an invited mathematician genius (sorry, that’s a secret how they are functioning, we don’t want scammers know that).

This is how it looks on our side, the list of removed scammers for the previous day.
I blurred out the personal data: spammers or not, we have a privacy policy and don’t disclose any personal identifiable information.
Weapon illustration courtesy of Bob Molesworth