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Women from Kiev

Kiev is the capital and the most populous city of Ukraine and an important modern center for industry, education, and culture for not only modern-day Ukraine, but all of Eastern Europe.

Image by Мария Антонова from PixabayImage by Мария Антонова from Pixabay

You will be surprised to know that the McDonald’s restaurant located near the Kiev train station is is in the top five most populous and popular McDonald’s in the world. According to the statistics, every 10th resident of Ukraine lives in Kiev, so it is a very crowded city.

Kiev has become a city of tremendous opportunities for ambitious and courageous girls. Many beautiful and interesting ladies from all over Ukraine come here for study, job search or romantic relationships. Most of them lead an active lifestyle and manage to accomplish dozens of different things during a day. Kiev is a city of long distances and a dynamic living. It’s not suitable for weak and lazy people. Therefore, you won’t find such ladies here.

Local women often have a Slavic appearance with light brown hair, blue or brown eyes, long legs, and a slender waist. Kiev is famous for a very developed beauty industry which gives them an opportunity to remain stylish and attractive at any age.

When you meet a woman from Kiev you will pleased not only about her beauty, but also about her brain because Kiev is officially the most reading city in Ukraine.

Take a close look on women from Kiev if you are looking for a smart, beautiful and confident lady who will become not only your lover, friend and partner but also your everyday surprise of femininity and willpower.

Women from Saint-Petersburg

How much do you know about the Northern capital of Russia and its women?

1*hRzWe0QZR21qSrvjxNBSNwPhoto by cottonbro from Pexels

Saint-Petersburg is often called the World’s cultural capital because of its unique architecture. The whole historical center of this city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with estimated 8000 landmarks. The Hermitage museum is the #1 attraction that brings visitors from all over the world. The collection is so huge that you will have to walk more than 20 kilometers to view all it’s exhibits.

That is why all ladies from Saint-Petersburg have a very developed sense of beauty. They adore their city for its diverse magnificence and know a lot about its historical facts. For many people, intelligence gets automatically associated with being boring. Well, despite the fact that women from Petersburg are usually very delicate, they have a great sense of humor as a rule. Plus, contrary to popular belief, they are not melancholic at all, but rather the opposite — positive and cheerful.

Saint-Petersburg city can also be called “Venice of the North” due to its many rivers, branches, channels and canals (93 in total with a total length of about 300 km) and about 100 reservoirs (lakes, ponds, artificial reservoirs), over which there has been built approx. 800 bridges (218 of them are pedestrian). Petersburg is also known as the world capital of trams. The length of the tram tracks in the city is more than 600 km (this fact is noted in the Guinness Book of Records).

Saint-Petersburg women are undoubtedly very attractive, but their appearance is different from which is usually represented by foreigners. They don’t usually wear high heels or go out for shopping all dressed up. Moreover, these ladies opt for simple hairstyles and casual clothes, which really emphasizes their natural beauty. The explanation to this is pretty simple — any hairstyle will be immediately messed up after a walk along the embankment. Also, what can be better than wearing comfortable shoes when you do a lot of walking?

Saint-Petersburg is only 400 km away from Helsinki. An opportunity to take frequent trips to the Finnish capital is one of the advantages of living here which local women enjoy a lot.

Petersburg is also very famous for its special creative atmosphere that attracts artists, poets, and dreamers. It also affects the ladies who feel less pressure from the old, ingrained traditions related to the male supremacy and patronage. It does not mean that they are not interested in starting a family. Saint-Petersburg women are simply self-sufficient enough to take care of themselves. They look not for just a breadwinner, but for an equal partner.

So, here is the portrait of an average lady from Saint-Petersburg: she is beautiful, she is elegantly but slightly carelessly dressed, she is confident and purposeful, she does not strive for luxury and at the same time remains positive and ironic.

Moscow city women

Did you know that Moscow is considered one of the top ten cities in the world in terms of population? Moscow historical center is adjacent to modern skyscrapers where Soviet-era panel five-story buildings can stand next to the sparkling glass and steel business centers.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Over the past 10 years Moscow has changed beyond recognition. Can you imagine that back in 2012 Old Arbat was the only pedestrian street in the city? As of today, the number of pedestrian streets is over 350!

Moscow is now ranked number one city in terms of the number of parks per capita among the largest megalopolises in the world (according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers research).

Many iconic parks in the capital have literally experienced a rebirth. These are Gorky Park, Sokolniki, and Fili. Their design has been seriously renovated with bright photo zones, comfortable spaces for relaxation, walking areas, as well as jogging and cycling paths. Almost each one of them hosts cultural activities: master classes, English and yoga classes, dances, and lectures.

Google the Moscow City Towers picture. Isn’t it like a little piece of Manhattan rises on the banks of the Moscow river?

It’s no wonder that Moscow attracts the most progressive, ambitious and modernly thinking women. They enjoy being in the spotlight and getting first-hand impressions. Moscow women are open-minded and confident. They like successful and generous men to enjoy metropolitan life together.

Moscow is a great place to explore. Especially if you do it together with one of it’s beautiful but still single ladies.