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Don’t copy-paste to Russian girls

Don’t copy-paste to Russian girls. They are smart. They know you sent same text to hundreds of other girls (even if you sent it to just two:-).

Although you could copy-paste same message to every girl really fast (we are preparing the feature allowing to make it even faster), that’s not what I advise.

  • You are efficient in the amount of mail sent
  • But inefficient in the amount of feedback you get.
Why inefficient? Girls (internationally, including Russian girls) have heard so many canned openers, so they are trained to recognize them.


One of the oldest openers illustrated by some idiot who can’t tell polar bear from panda.

Russian dating is a numbers game

To find just one girl, you have to contact many. Many, many, many.

Imagine, how many women would you like to date?

  • Include those who are much older than you
  • Who are much younger
  • Who have pick nose in public or do whatever else you dislike
  • Who do hard drugs, are generally crazy etc.

How many would you like? Chances are, it’s 5%, most probably less.

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The problem of the first message: what should I say?

Imagine you’re a pretty girl. Can you?

Now imagine you have dozens of messages a day.

Photo by

She is physically incapable to:

  • respond all of them
  • develop a relationship with each of them.

So what can you do? Probably you have your own methods, that’s great. Let me share what works for me, and you decide if it works for you. Fair?

  1. It’s a numbers game
  2. Don’t use canned responses
  3. Don’t look like you’re here forever on the dating sites
  4. Find something sexy about her (and not tits)
  5. Make fun of her
  6. Be short

I’ll focus on these in the next few posts.