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Simple strategies to improve your online dating success rate

No matter who you are or what you’re searching for, there are countless single women online who are eager to meet you. International online dating is for everyone! Yes, getting started may seem intimidating. But don’t be concerned! These 5 suggestions can help your profile stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of finding exceptional matches:


Create a bio that reflects your personality.

On international dating sites, user profiles that include the terms “dog,” “travel,” “music,” and “love” receive the most matches and likes. So write about what you “love,” and you’re likely to capture the attention of someone who shares your interests.

Looking for a long-term relationship? Say so!

On international dating sites, men who declare a desire for long-term partnerships have the best success. So, if you’re searching just for long-term partnerships or are open to both long-term and other sorts of relationships, alter your profile to reflect that.

Be honest about who you are.

Tell ladies if you’re spontaneous or even intense. Be honest about who you are without fear. On online dating services, men who define themselves as spontaneous as well as those who say they are intense and strange, receive the most matches. Be true to yourself!

Don’t forget to update your primary profile photographs on a regular basis.

Pick up your smartphone right now and select some fresh images of yourself that you like. Selfies are also OK!

When you meet an attractive woman, don’t deactivate your profile right away.

If you found a lovely woman on a dating service and feel drawn to an exclusive relationship, that’s fantastic. But don’t be in a hurry. You must first get to know each other better and ensure that your sympathy and want to erase profiles from the dating site are not in vain.

5 online dating tips to meet love in 2022

Best advice for finding a partner in 2022, per new research from OkCupid:


Don’t make a list of reasons why women should reject you – because they will.

Profiles that include phrases like “pass on me if” and “don’t like me if” receive fewer messages, discussions, and contact exchanges than those that do not. It’s simple to sense; it’s far better to be positive on your profile and highlight reasons why women should like you (for example, if you enjoy hiking and traveling).

The greatest way to break the ice is to ask a question.

Most online daters concur that it is more effective than a brief introduction, a joke, or even stating anything in their profile.

Check your grammar.

Women claim they are 75% less inclined to respond to someone whose profile has several spelling errors.

Stay true to yourself.

Those who claim to always be honest about their feelings engage in an average of 8 times more chats than users who claim to never do so.

Get ready to fall in love as well!

When compared to those who indicate they’re unsure, individuals who express a strong desire for love receive more likes, matches, and chats.


Why online dating could be beneficial to you

Online dating is no longer considered strange, as it was ten years ago. With technology being the standard of communication on a daily basis, internet dating has become a popular way for singles to meet individuals from all over the world.

Almost everyone who has ever owned a laptop has experimented with online dating. But we can’t rule out a few doubters who may abandon the dating site before they find someone interesting to converse with.


We can no longer dismiss the notion that real love cannot be discovered through internet dating. But how can you know for certain, and what are the factors that make it a viable option?

It is easy to use

It has never been so simple to find someone nice online thanks to the availability of dating sites. Anyone you find attractive may be contacted with simply a finger press. You can interact with a large number of truly nice females without ever leaving your house. Start a discussion, and you’ll be able to put an end to your boredom soon.

You could meet someone wonderful if you linger a little longer—someone who complements you perfectly and makes every interaction enjoyable and meaningful. Who knows, it may result in the greatest love story of your life?

It will make you feel safe and comfortable

It is safer to date when there is a screen behind what you say and when you can filter your ideas. You avoid a ton of uncomfortable situations as a result. The majority of dating websites feature elaborate profile pages. Before engaging with the woman or determining whether you even want to communicate with her, you may get to know her a little more thanks to this.

It’s a good idea to create a list of thoughtful questions. Her responses to your questions will give you a sense of the sort of personality she has. A representation of your deepest sentiments, your facial expression is a global language. The benefit of internet dating is that you can keep it a secret if you want to and instead provide more thoughtful responses.

It will assist you in better understanding women

Online dating is not as strange a choice as it was ten years ago. With technology being the standard for daily communication, internet dating has emerged as a popular way for singles to meet people from all over the world.

You’ll rapidly grasp the rationale behind how women respond or answer. The pattern you’ll observe can be your most important finding. And such revelations could make it easier for you in the future to adjust to these circumstances.

It will let you communicate with women you are attracted to

It goes without saying that conversing with various women, particularly ones you find appealing, maybe a rare occurrence in the offline world. You have the option to approach women you find attractive when you use online dating.

Online dating gives you the opportunity to mold a connection that may result in a real friendship or relationship as near to reality as you could possibly get.

It will help you in making new friends

You will have the opportunity to increase your social circle with individuals you admire and improve your social well-being simply by joining the online dating community.

The online dating site is a great way to make new friends as well as dates, so it’s not only a place for dating.

What should you say in your first message?

Over 500,000 first encounters were investigated by OkCupid on its dating platform. Their program looked at important terms and phrases, response rates they affected, and statistically significant trends. There are rules on what you should and shouldn’t say when introducing yourself as a result. Let’s get going:


Use a unique greeting

Salutations were scrutinized by OkCupid’s researchers. After all, the manner in which you begin your first communication with someone is the “first impression of your first impression.”

The top three most common methods to say “hi” all had terrible starts. Even the slangy holla and yo outperform the overall “be literate” criterion. In fact, it’s better to skip the usual greeting altogether (which gets you a reply rate of 27%) and just plunge into whatever you have to say than to start with hello.

The more informal conventional greetings, such as how’s it going, what’s up, and howdy, performed admirably. Perhaps they strike a more casual tone that many enjoy; nevertheless, You had me at ‘what’s up’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Bring up certain hobbies or interests

Many of the terms on the effective end of the researcher’s list, such as zombie, band, tattoo, literature, studying, vegetarian, and metal, obviously allude to something important to the sender, the receiver, or, preferably, both. Talking about certain topics that interest you or that you may have in common with someone is a tried-and-true technique to connect.

If you’re a man, be humble

Awkward, sorry, apologize, sorta, and definitely all made male communications more successful, but none of them influence female texts except sorry. As previously said, lovely, no doubt due to its adverbial meaning of “to a reasonable degree; moderately,” also aids masculine messaging. Many dating experts advise guys to be more confident, yet evidently hemming and hawing works great online.

Perhaps seeming hesitant makes the writer appear more fragile and less dangerous. It’s possible that ladies prefer guys who write mumbly. But, in any case, guys should be careful not to mistake the look of vulnerability with sweating desperation: please is on the negative list (22% reply rate), and it is the only word that is really worse for you than its netspeak equivalent (pls, 23%)!

Check your grammar

Bad grammar, spelling, and netspeak are major turn-offs. Our list of negative correlations includes words like “ur,” “u,” “wat,” “wont,” and more. All of them leave a bad first impression. In fact, the worst six phrases you may use in a first message are all clumsy slang if you count hits.

Language like this is such a significant turn-off that even commonplace terms like don’t and won’t, when appropriately spelled, have response rates that are above average (36% and 37%, respectively).

Expressions of enjoyment are interesting exceptions to the “no netspeak” norm. Both lol (41% reply rate) and haha (45% reply rate) worked out well for the sender. This makes sense in a way because people like comedy and you need to be informal to make people laugh. The term “hehe” was also popular, although much less so (33%). According to science, this is because it has a slightly wicked sound.

In other words, you can laugh as long as the remainder of your message is properly punctuated and grammatically correct.

Do not give physical compliments

Although the evidence indicates that both sexes can benefit from this counsel, it is primarily geared at men because they are far more likely to discuss their appearance. Even while you may believe that calling someone lovely, beautiful, or sexy is a wonderful thing to do, nobody likes to hear those words. As we all know, compliments generally make people feel good, but when they are used as pick-up lines before you have ever met, they invariably make people feel bad. Moreover, if you tell a lady she is gorgeous, you probably aren’t.

The word pretty is an excellent example of our concept. It’s a physical compliment as an adjective, but as an adverb (as in, “I’m pretty excellent at sports.”) It is simply another term.

When employed as an adverb, it performs admirably, but when pretty’s uses grow more plainly about appearance, response rates plummet significantly. You’re pretty and your pretty are two sentences that can be used interchangeably (physical or non-). However, really pretty is virtually always used to describe the appearance of something or someone, and you can see how that works.

Shocking online dating stats for 2022

There were no online dating statistics or reviews available when the first dating site debuted in the 1990s. It was genuinely pioneering to join a dating site when singles had no idea what it was or whether it would be successful. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then, and extensive research has been done to describe the patterns and success rates in the online dating sphere.

The statistics suggest that internet dating may be successful and is quickly becoming the new normal for singles of all ages. The following online dating statistics are essential for anyone considering creating a dating profile and looking for love online.


Online dating has become the most common way to find a partner

Online dating is now the toast of many wedding parties across the world after being vilified in the past as a tool for the destitute and lonely. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of newlyweds in the US who say they met online.

Every year, The Knot surveys newlyweds to find out how things are in the realm of romance. According to a website analysis from 2019, internet dating is currently the most common method of finding a partner.

The Knot’s poll has allowed them to monitor how online dating has evolved to become more effective than other methods in pairing young adults with long-term partners. A substantial 22 % of newlywed respondents said they met their spouse within the past year, compared to 19 % who said they did so through friends and 17 % who said they did it at work.

Over 5,000 dating websites and apps are available worldwide

Rough estimates place the number of dating websites and applications in the United States at around 2,500, and the number of dating platforms globally at over 5,000. Although many of these websites are not nearly as well-known as the popular services, some people prefer to date in a smaller pool.

Americans have tried online dating in about 30%

For many years, the Pew Research Center has surveyed Americans about their attitudes about online dating, and its findings point to some hopeful developments for the swiping scene. About 30% of American adults claimed they have tried using a dating site or app to meet people in a study conducted in late 2019.

In addition, the Pew Research Center examined online dating usage by age, gender, ethnicity, educational attainment, and sexual orientation. The study discovered that online dating is substantially more common among 20-somethings than it is among those in their 60s.

Only 13 percent of respondents 65 years of age and older claimed to have attempted online dating, compared to almost half (48%) of respondents in the 18 to 29 age group.

Online dating messages between 40 and 90 characters are the most effective

According to OkCupid, words that describe interests (such as a band, a vegetarian, or a favorite movie) tend to get more responses than words that describe physical attributes (such as “hot, sexy, or beautiful”). Also, unusual greetings like “hola” and “howdy” get more responses than more traditional ones like “hi” or “hello”.

The statistics also reveal that a first communication should be no longer than one or two sentences. According to OkCupid, an online dating message should be between 40 and 90 characters in length.

Sports and music mentions in profiles get more fans

According to statistical analysis, messages for profiles that included the term “sports” increased by 53% when compared to the site average. A rise in the message was also connected with terms like MBA, MLB, and rugby.

Similar proof that personality idiosyncrasies pay off online has been found on Plenty of Fish, a dating site with over 150 million users. Particularly, online daters appear to find music fandom to be an appealing trait. If they indicated a love of music in their dating profiles, POF members got 32% more messages than the typical user.

Singles like dating profiles with four or more pictures

Because they receive the greatest attention from online daters, pictures are one of the most significant aspects of a dating profile. According to eharmony research, women are more likely than males to submit many pictures, and dating profiles with four or more photos performed the best on the online dating service. This was true for both sexes.

Furthermore, profiles with images on eharmony were shown to be nine times more likely to obtain messages and likes than profiles without photos.

Over 70% of online dating site users have had successful first dates

One method the team enhances online dating is by soliciting input from its active users on a regular basis. In 2017, Hinge introduced its We Met feature, which allows online daters to submit feedback on their dating experience. So far, more than 90% of users have indicated they had a wonderful time on their first date, and 72% said they would go on a second date if asked.

An online dater’s average age is 33

Young people use online dating to meet new people, according to several specialists who have tried to pinpoint exactly who uses it for this purpose. When it comes to online dating usage, Generation Z and millennials have been setting the pace. According to the security firm Kaspersky, the average age of online daters is 33.8 years old, and 63% of them are single professionals with full-time jobs.

Women in their twenties get the most messages and likes

The eharmony team has compiled a list of online dating data culled from its dating service and other credible sources. Its most intriguing conclusions involve the age at which a person’s desirability peaks.

According to eharmony, heterosexual women over the age of 21 get the greatest male interest. Young women are highly sought after in the online dating scene, and they might get overwhelmed by the flood of likes and messages.

Men catch up to women in terms of desirability in their late 40s, while women continue to experience the highest rates of incoming messages and likes in their 20s. According to the experts, at age 26, women have more online suitors than men, and at age 48, males have twice as many.

Approximately 79% of singles feel comfortable discussing politics

Since politics may be awkward to discuss when initially getting to know someone, especially in the current hyperpartisan political atmosphere, several dating gurus advise singles to steer clear of the subject. However, many singles now defy the trend and bring up politics at the outset of a new relationship.

By the second date, nearly half of singles want to know their partner’s political views, according to a 2020 survey by called Singles in America. In the study, a record-breaking 75% of participants felt that it is crucial for a love partner to hold similar political views.

Lying on profiles is very common, according to more than 70% of online daters

By plotting the average height of male adults and the average height of OkCupid users, the dating site exposed its male members for lying about their height on average by about two inches. The dating service also calculated that its customers who utilize online dating make, on average, 20% less money than what their dating profiles claim.

According to research, 31% of women and 36% of men acknowledged to making up information on an online dating profile “simply for fun.” Approximately 71% of online daters believe that lying about oneself on a dating website is extremely prevalent, while another 25% believe that it is fairly common.

After three months, around 1 in 10 singles give up on online dating

Burnout from online dating is widespread among people who spend hours conversing but don’t obtain the desired outcomes. It’s challenging to persuade a user to return to a dating site after they’ve been ghosted, rejected, or outright ignored, which is why many dating websites struggle with user retention. Sadly, within three months, 10% of online daters give up. Some people remove their profiles, while others simply stop participating without giving any explanation.

More than 20% of online daters are interested in pen pals

In the age of social distance, the basic essence of a love connection has altered. A large number of single people avoided bars, house parties, and other social events during the epidemic in favor of using social media and dating websites to interact with others while at home.

In the lockdowns of 2020, about one-third of online daters claimed to have sent more communications, and 25% claimed to have kept in touch with an ex.

Online dating is now more accepted than ever. Nearly 22% of online daters indicated they would think about getting serious with someone they hadn’t met in person.

More than 80% of online daters claim to be picky

Recently, polled its users to learn more about who they are and what they desire. According to the research, Match users often have high requirements for dating and are singles with formal education. 84% of the 1,500 singles surveyed who were asked whether they were pickier about first dates in the current economy indicated they were.

57% of online daters claim to have had positive experiences

Experiences with online dating might differ greatly. Within minutes after registering, a single woman was inundated with messages, while on the other side was a single man who hustled to send out likes and messages but received few replies.

Some singles claim they prefer having a wide range of prospective dates at their disposal, while others claim it takes too much effort to find a date.

The majority of people who use online dating have generally pleasant experiences, according to the Pew Research Center. About 14% of American people said they had a very favorable experience with online dating, while 43% said they had a moderately pleasant experience.

Online dating couples report happier relationships

An analysis of over 19,000 married individuals undertaken by neuroscientists between 2005 and 2012 revealed a favorable correlation between internet dating and marital happiness.

Online daters reported higher levels of marital happiness than those who found their partners through more conventional means. According to the study, internet dating couples were also less likely to end their relationships or file for divorce.


How to win over a Belarusian lady

Slavic women have long been popular with foreign men. Mail order brides from Belarus are no exception. The majority of them see international marriage favorably and seek a foreign husband. The fact is that there are more women than men in Belarus, making it rather difficult to find a dependable and loving partner. That is why local females prefer foreign men, particularly those from Europe.

Aside from their comparable mentalities, Belarusian women and European men have similar family values and lifestyles. As a result, they may come together fast, live happily in international marriage, and raise their children. Belarusian ladies are terrific hosts and attentive moms, in addition to having strong family values. Their children will never feel abandoned or lonely.

Another element influencing Belarusian women’s propensity to marry Western males is relocation. The majority of local ladies are educated and intelligent, but they lack the opportunities required to prosper in their own country. That is why many migrate to Europe and the United States to pursue their dreams and get permanent residence. And the end result is typically a happy multinational family life as well as great work opportunities.


Marriage is the natural end result of every serious romantic relationship. Because of the European influence, Belarusian girls’ worldviews and morals have shifted slightly. But they still believe that dating for numerous years without establishing a legal marriage is wrong.

What types of men do Belarusian women prefer?

The essential thing that every Belarusian woman demands from her partner is that he loves her completely. She will also search for a man who will respect her views and speak with her on an equal level. Belarusian females are among those who fall in love with foreigners easily.

Furthermore, while Belarusian society is relatively traditional, females may be drawn to open-minded Westerners who believe that smiling at a stunning stranger is not a sin. In her love relationships, every Belarussian lady desires attention and care. She will become a devoted wife to a man who makes her feel cherished and valued.

Girls from Belarus are incredibly sophisticated. Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid giving the wrong impression when communicating. You can date with grace if you follow this advice:

Be upbeat.

Belarusian women are naturally cheery optimists who desire to see the same people around them. As a result, avoid depressing themes, dull pauses, and pessimism. It is preferable to share an anecdote or a humorous life tale. She will be delighted to spend time with a happy young man, and she will undoubtedly appreciate it if you make her laugh.

Gently compliment her.

Remember that women are drawn to what they hear. Belarusian women want to hear flattering remarks aimed at them, regardless of whether the subject is their stunning appearance, charming personality, or culinary talents. She needs to know that you think highly of her and that she is exceptional. Avoid creating overt flattery out of compliments.

Be unique.

Don’t rely too much on traditional romantic techniques like candlelight meals and moonlit walks. Belorussian females like creativity. For example, consider going to a themed party, riding a scooter around the city at night, and meeting in interesting locations.

Remember things about her.

If you want to impress a Belarusian woman, don’t be a forgetful person. Belarusians care deeply about other people and want us to reciprocate.

Always have something unique to say about a Belarusian woman: you may go by telling her you enjoy the scent she wore yesterday, her outfit, her hairstyle, and so on. In summary, minor things matter in Belarus, and if you want to acquire their females, you must let these things matter to you as well.

Take an interest in her family.

Taking an interest in a woman is critical for establishing a trustworthy connection. However, if you want to show that you’re serious, ask her about her family.

Try some Belarusian cuisine.

You may charm a Belarusian woman by learning the intricacies of their country’s cuisine. “Machanka” is Belarus’ most popular meal (Pork stew). So if you want to impress a Belarusian girl, you must master the art of eating pig stew, which is their preferred dish.

Remember that eating Belarusian food would not only wow a Belarusian girl, but it will also make her family and the entire country of Belarus appreciate you since you enjoy their cuisine.

How to tell if you’ve found a good mate

A decent partner is difficult to locate on a dating site, but once you’ve discovered one, you’re almost certain to find a keeper. But how can you tell if the woman you’re chatting with is right for you?


These tips might help you assess whether your new date is a suitable match:

Are you compatible?

One of the most crucial aspects in figuring out if a lady is right for you is compatibility. Does communication between you two come naturally? Do you experience joy and radiance around her? It’s not only about sharing interests; compatibility also involves being able to accept each other’s peculiarities and habits and being willing to compromise.

Are the two of you naturally attracted to one another?

Do you feel as though you naturally “click,” connect with each other, and “get” each other?

When two people are strongly drawn to one another, magic happens—chemistry. Attracted to one another by their shared traits, actions, and sentiments of having discovered their soul mate.

While there are other factors that contribute to a successful relationship, chemistry is a good sign of a strong emotional connection between two people and frequently plays a significant role in a relationship’s length.

Can you be yourself with her?

Do you ever worry about your behavior, appearance, or words around her? Or does telling her everything feel like the appropriate thing to do? She might not be the perfect match for you if there is even the tiniest hint of discomfort or meeting specific unwritten criteria.

When you’re with her, you should really feel at home. No pretense or concern over disclosing insignificant aspects of who you are that you may find objectionable. When you feel comfortable being yourself with her, it’s an indication that you’ve likely discovered your soul match. However, it is best to take your time.

Trust should be created gradually, not hurriedly. This is simply one of several measures you must take to evaluate whether the person you’re dating is the ideal one for you.

Does she care about you and what you care about?

Caring comes easy when you like someone. You’ll know your relationship is a keeper when she cares about the same things you do.

She is not required to become engaged in your difficulties, but she does her best to assist you. She will embrace and comprehend your hobbies. She will not force you to change; instead, she will make a concession.

Does she support you?

It is neither a duty nor a responsibility to support your partner. It must seem natural, and you must want to help her.

Find someone who will completely back you up. Someone who will naturally support your moral standards and have faith in your abilities. If your companion makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, you’re probably dating your fiancée.

Does she make you a better person?

Someone who genuinely cares about you gladly contributes to your happiness. She wishes for you to be happy and have a wonderful life experience. She is concerned about your future plans and the path you will pursue.

She will surely encourage your desire for a better transformation and will remain by your side. She will not push you to change, but will instead assist you in every step you take.

Does she make time for you?

It is normal to want to be with someone we care about or like. When your partner makes time for you even on her busiest days, you know she’s a keeper.

You don’t have to beg; she will gladly and naturally spend her time with you. Finally, you’ll never feel lonely.

Does she plan things with you?

When a woman cares about you, she will want to share everything with you. Your presence is significant to her. It is significant enough that your decisions and intentions have an influence on hers.

Things are more fun and meaningful for her with you around.


Online dating mistakes that might keep you from meeting your ideal partner

International dating is full of difficulties that might damage your chances of meeting the perfect one. It’s not just about being overly needy or too shy, but about a slew of minor mistakes that you might not even notice. And many times, these mistakes are committed in the name of genuine instinct and love!


Avoid the following dating mistakes to improve your chances of finding love on an international dating site:

You don’t understand your dating goals.

Why is it necessary to be aware of your dating goals? It is clear why. If you don’t know where you’re heading, you can’t pick the best dating path.

Decide on your dating objectives. Is it your goal to find love? Find out what you actually want in a mate, such as common hobbies or passions. Make a list of all the characteristics you’re looking for in a Slavic woman. This will assist you in narrowing down potential mates.

You date too many or too few women at once.

The idea that you should date as many women as you can in order to find the right one is widespread. This is just partially correct.

On the one hand, because they don’t date enough, many guys struggle to discover that special someone. On the other side, there are those who date excessively and unknowingly lose sight of their long-term objectives.

The problem here is to give up control over the process of finding the right woman. So, how should you go about online dating? Consider these guidelines to help you establish limits that will allow you to discover your soul partner without wasting precious time.

It is not advisable to date more than one woman at the same time if you are hoping for marriage. Dating one lady at a time is great if you are seeking a long-term commitment. If you’re just getting started or trying to figure out what you’re looking for in international dating or in a relationship, then communicate with as many ladies as you want.

You block the dialogue.

Do you enjoy chit-chatting with women? Do you struggle with socializing or are you outgoing? Then, most likely, you discover that you always monopolize the limelight.

Some guys mistakenly believe that all a potential partner needs to do is go on a date and open up about everything, including themselves. They think that by doing this, their soul mate would come to them organically.

The reality is that if you don’t allow women to communicate about themselves, you won’t get to know them well – or at all. The quality of a relationship is ultimately decided by how much two individuals can give and receive from it. A healthy relationship is one in which one person provides and the other takes.

You date a woman who doesn’t share your goals and interests.

Compatibility is determined by shared interests and goals. That is why, even if she is really lovely, dating a woman who does not share your interests is a mistake.

You may be physically attracted to someone, but whether you will be happy together for years relies on whether your relationship is founded on friendship and shared objectives. Remember that appearances fade, but friendship and understanding will keep your partnership together.

You stalk the woman you like on the internet.

Do you have a crush on a Slavic woman? Does she have a social media account? Have you ever said something improper because you wanted to connect with her and didn’t think it through? If that’s what happened, or if you find yourself acting like a stalker, let her go.

Stalking a lady on social media can only make her feel uneasy and turn her off. It’s not the best way to get on her good side or demonstrate your interest in her. The reality is that most people dislike it when others stalk them on social media.

You want to look mysterious.

When it comes to online dating, some guys believe that being enigmatic is the way to stand out or appear cool. The fact is that your secrecy will make women uneasy and intrigued about what you’re hiding.

You may be wondering why being mysterious might be detrimental to your dating life. While maintaining certain secrets is OK, the difficulty emerges when you go too far and become overly secretive.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or keep something vital from them that would harm your connection, it’s best to be upfront from the start.

International dating may be a fun experience if you don’t overdo it and follow these guidelines.

Dating hacks for courting Slavic women

For millennia, men have been troubled by the subject of what women want. We are ready to give the secret to you so you can be certain of what Slavic women seeking men abroad need.


Copy and paste these sentences into your profile, and you will receive at least 50% more emails from attractive women. Because this is precisely what every lady on an international dating site wishes to hear!

So, what do Slavic women really want?
The desires of all Slavic women looking for a foreign companion online are similar.

To tie the knot. In other words, to start a family, which does not always include having children. It implies that she wants a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate to prove that she has a spouse. Slavic ladies might find a date at home. They are struggling to find someone who would provide her with the ideal status of a wife in a formally recognized marriage.

To fall in love with a man who will capture her heart. “The man is the hunter,” Slavic ladies say. You’ve made up your mind that she’s the one for you, and you won’t take “No” for an answer.

To allow him to be the leader.  As the proverb goes, “the male should be the head of the family” (i.e. the leader in the relationship). This entails deciding she is the lady he desires and then using all necessary attempts to win her heart. This is apparently how he will manage all of his other life goals in the future. The guy is meant to make the decisions, and the woman is expected to follow.

To let him be the man of action …and schedule the meeting and handle all of the logistical and money details.

These are the things that every Slavic lady on an international dating site hopes to find in a potential partner.

How do you use this knowledge to win the heart of a Slavic woman? Just copy and paste the following phrases into your profile if you agree with what is mentioned:

  • My intention is to marry within the next 12 months.
  • If we share sympathies, I’m willing to travel to your city to meet you.
  • I plan to visit your country this year.
  • I am able to support my family.
  • My wife is not required to work if she does not choose to.
  • I want/ I don’t want to have children.

What is the ideal ice-breaker message to get a response from practically any Slavic lady on a dating site?

Include the following “catchall phrase” in your message and stick to it throughout your dialogue (no doubts allowed):

  • You are exactly the type of lady I seek.

Yes, she needs to hear that to feel safe and open up to you.