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Reviews of CuteOnly web site

We’ve collected what people say. Sometimes they say good things, sometimes bad things, but here we selected few neutral. People share the experience and give tips. Also — these are not something we asked our clients to write, but from reputable members of the dating forums.

I’ve used that site before and did not have any real problems. As noted before, they do remove scammers pretty quickly if they see that the woman is sending out too many emails or get complaints. If someone contacted me, I would wait a week or so before replying as usually the scammers profile would be gone by then. Also, if you contact the site, their customer service is pretty good. Continue reading

How to recognize a scammer on a Russian dating site

Scammers, catched on CuteOnly, the Russian dating site

Here is a message we received from one of CuteOnly members, Robbie. Being a member for years, he met many girls and also got a proficiency in recognizing the true signs of scammers. Here’s his smart advice (text edited for publishing):

Most of the scammers are pretty easy to recognize. It came to my mind that there are 2 types of scammers: the “Sovjets” and the “Africans”. Continue reading