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If she is not responding

I wrote her, and she didn’t get back. Here I’ll tell why it’s that, how to deal with that, and how to get another chance.

If she doesn’t respond, she has a reason. I’m so unimportant in her life that she doesn’t even bother to know me. Right?

Right, I’m not a priority for her. And after all, I’m not the center of universe for her. Imagine yourself being a hot girl. Imagined? Just for a minute. You are her:

Real user of CuteOnly

Inga, 21, the real user of CuteOnly

She has hundreds — and beautiful girls get hundreds — of messages every day. How would you feel about each particular one?

  • If I’m wildly funny, she may respond, and may not, and simply have a laugh.
  • If I look rediculously hot, she may respond as well, or just think whatever girls are thinking. That I’m too hot and out of her league, for example )
  • If I’m ordinal, it’s boring. My chances are low.
  • If I’m extravagant, she may take me for crazy or be afraid of.
  • And she may have a bad day, I could remind her her teacher whom she hates, and any other of millions of reasons.

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Speak with a feeling

Let me start with a quote from the book Zen of dating women:

Quote from Zen of dating women

Look at the profile of Victoriya:



Based on the photo, what she’s looking for? Hot sex, right? Wrong. The feelings. That’s true for Russian girls, that’s true for… let me generalize a little bit. For all. She is what she’s writing:


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