Monthly Archives: April 2014

Designing new logo

CuteOnly logo was simple. When we’ve launched first back in 2004, we’ve had a million of other issues to care about. Coding, stuff, workflow, new office and cash, cash, cash. Now we have time to think.

Down below are some versions of the logo we’ve created and rejected:

Ugly, right? Especially the last one. Creepy mascot — everybody seems to hate him. He was supposed to be cute, but turned out creepy instead.

All new CuteOnly service is coming

CuteOnly was designed back in 2004 and the design starts to wear out.  Sure we were

  • improving it
  • adding new features
  • fixing bugs
  • rewriting the engine to withhold the workload.

The last one is something hidden from our clients’ eyes. Since the website has evolved from 0 to 100 000 users, a lot of work has been done to support it. But why should you care? Customers like you need a nice, usable and fast service, period.

So we’re creating an all-new CuteOnly:

  • Wholly new design — wholly new brand
  • Wholly new interface — we have rethought every screen and every action
  • Wholly new code — we’ve preserved no single line of code and reworked it all from the scratch.

We’re going to show you some peaces of our work here. Listen to your opinion. Improve. Make it serving your needs, dear customer. See you soon.