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What do foreign women think about Russian men?

Russian online news portal “Gazeta” polled girls from around the world to find out what they thought of current Russian men.


“The first thing I noticed about Russian men is that they speak straight to their audience. For them, sincerity is more important than politeness, although, in Latin America, the opposite is true. “I was taken aback when I heard how Russian males openly discuss what they don’t like,” said Raquel, a Colombian woman, who has been married to a Russian guy for seven years and just relocated to Moscow from Bogota.

“I also noticed that Russian men do not know how to flirt. I would say that flirting is very simple and natural for our Colombian guys, but not so for the Russians.”

“I liked how Russian men take care of their women even if they are not married. The person believes that your needs are his needs. When my Russian partner started stating, “we need to solve the problem,” I was tremendously inspired: my needs were very important to him. Our Colombian guys are only interested in women once they marry. They can take you out on dates, pay your restaurant bills, and give you gifts, but they will never delve so deeply into your problems unless you become his family,” Raquel explained.

“I also appreciate the fact that Russian men never yell filthy comments at ladies on the street. A “compliment” from a passing stranger is common in Latin America. Of course, there are nice Colombians, but there are also males that are incredibly nasty about your body and attractiveness. “I appreciate how I can go down the street in Russia and no one says anything to me — it’s quite comfortable.”

“I had a chance to talk to the Russians during my long business trip to Vladivostok. The male half of the team was always quite calm, restrained, and good-natured (which cannot be said for the female half),” says Japanese teacher Megumi.

A housewife from Italy talks highly about Russian guys following a tour to Russian cities with her husband and friends in 2012.

They traveled to St. Petersburg, Moscow, the Vladimir region, and Rostov the Great. Passers-by were kind and gave instructions to the Italians who went out for a walk in the evenings, according to Mara. She was fascinated by their guide, who appeared to her to be a lovely and highly bright person: he told her wonderful stories about Russian culture and customs.

Student Alexandra, who came to study in Moscow from Germany, also shared her opinion about men from Russia.

“I was familiar with Russians while still living in Germany, and I had already developed an opinion about Russian guys. They are more conservative than the Germans, I discovered. They are also highly concerned about their look, and they are always training and going to the gym, but I will not generalize and evaluate all Russian men based on a few acquaintances. Of course, when I arrived in Russia, I saw that there aren’t as many strong males riding nice jeeps and wearing phony costly watches, but the young guys are highly worried about their look,” Alexandra said.

“Russian men are incredibly romantic. They may look to be devouring raw bear meat for dinner, but on the inside, they are gentle and kind. Many of them enjoy listening to love music, reading poetry, and seeing romantic films on occasion.”

“They are, nevertheless, always real men in any scenario. Paying a restaurant bill, for example, is a matter of honor for him. Even if the [ouch!] girl ate more than he did. And if his companion offers to divide the bill, the male may be offended. The same is true for tickets to the opera or the movies, but not for trifles like makeup or a bathroom rug”, an Ecuadorian journalist Lara added.

Lara also told what it’s like to be the wife of a Russian man: “If you’re in a committed relationship with a Russian, he will always eat and praise your food, even if you’re a terrible cook. However, every Russian man wants you to cook for him every day. With such a husband, you may have to temper your work ambitions and become the keeper of the hearth, but he will take good care of you and your children in return.”

“Russian guys appear to be rude and heavy drinkers, little attractive, but I had to speak with men from Russia, who were remembered as kind, engaging, and very interesting people,” says Christian Viognier from France.

“They don’t say hello, don’t smile, they are always in a hurry somewhere with a phone in their hands and think a lot about work, but they don’t stand out outwardly,” describes Monica, Christian’s neighbor.

“They are really smart, they are the best chess players, they like to philosophize and drink beer on the beaches,” Monica adds.

“I spotted a tall, really gorgeous and elegant guy yesterday, and he turned out to be Russian,” says Beatrice, a Frenchwoman who lives in Cannes. … But, in general, Russian men are attractive: what are blue eyes worth? “

“Russians do not know how to speak with ladies; they prefer to go to a bar with their male friends, discuss their men’s affairs, and drink vodka; Italians and Spaniards, on the other hand, can have fun with you,” says Monica, a retired Frenchwoman.

“What is surprising is that for Russian guys, it is more important not how they appear, but how their automobile appears, their watch on their wrist, how their girlfriend is dressed,” explains Virginie.

“The Russian guy is tall, strong, has a big face, and he’s always seeking places and people to get drunk with,” Lucy, an Englishwoman residing in Cannes, inquires. “In general, I don’t know any Russian men; they aren’t the first to get to know each other.”

What kind of men are Russian women looking for?

Russian women, like all other women, have special expectations for their future partners. Many foreigners wonder what kind of guy would be a good match for a beautiful and intelligent Russian girl. Every Russian lady is looking for the perfect guy. Despite the fact that they are aware that there is no such thing as perfection in this universe, they continue to hope that one day they will find their kind.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What characteristics do Russian women value in men? Why are so many people unable to find love, and what secrets do the lucky ones possess? Here are some key characteristics that Russian ladies look for in men:

Good sense of humor

Russian women are drawn to men who can make them laugh. Humor has always been an outstanding icebreaker, and Russians are masters of the art.

Men with a good sense of humor know how to win over a woman. We must always look for the bright side in every scenario. There are positive aspects of any negative case, and they are typically right in front of us. However, human nature dictates that in various circumstances, we tend to express our negative feelings rather than search for positive aspects of the issue. If a man can shift his focus to the positive aspects of the situation, it will no longer seem negative.


For most Russian women, intelligence and a good education are at the top of the list of desirable qualities in a man. This is not to say that they are looking for a professor or a genius. Good manners, a bright mind, and positive thinking, on the other hand, can enhance any person. It should be interesting to talk to him about any topic, even if he is unfamiliar with it. There are shy guys, and their first impression is often negative.

A witty man can make a much better impression than an insecure one. A woman will understand that a man is well-read and educated if he can maintain a conversation, add an interesting subject, and say something sharp and fresh. If he enjoys literature, he will undoubtedly impress a Russian lady.


Russian women find confident men to be the most appealing. Confidence is a vital aspect of a man’s personality. A man can be perfectly built, dress well, and keep a close eye on himself, but he will not be popular with women if he is not self-confident.

Confidence often attracts women subconsciously: in nature, every female gravitates toward the one that everyone considers to be the chief. It is correlated with maturity, experience, effective communication, and mental fortitude. It’s difficult not to fall for a guy who is sure of himself and knows what he’s worth.

It will take a long time in order to develop self-confidence. You need to start with finding and solving problems. Often these are the problems that have to do with your appearance, like excess weight or something more internal, like the simple inability to speak to girls. Yet it isn’t impossible and if you manage to do that, the heart of any Russian girl will be yours.


Learning how to treat each other with respect is one of the best ways to build a strong, long-lasting relationship. What exactly is respect? Respect is when you pay extra special attention to others or hold them in high regard because you want to show them how much you value them.

The need to be respected by someone of the opposite sex is something that everyone has, even though most people don’t go out of their way to find someone who genuinely respects them. Women seem to be waiting for someone to pay them the smallest amount of attention, settling for something even less than consideration.

Russian women dream about a man who will value and respect them. They deserve to be respected for who they are as well as for their personal and professional accomplishments. Men who can’t be happy for their ladies’ achievements have no chance of being the kind she seeks.


Russian women seek a true gentleman who will treat them like princesses. He should be courteous to all people around, not just them since a man cannot be called a gentleman if he loves his woman but is a jerk around other people. Chivalry is not extinct in Russia.

Russian women, in comparison to their Western counterparts, are more receptive to male chivalry — and are more likely to demand it from you. Opening the car door for her, assisting her with her dress, allowing a woman to enter or leave a building first — all of these things are normal operating procedures in Russia.

What are the most fundamental ways for a man to show his affection for a woman? It is always good when a man remembers the day they met, the day of their first date or kiss, and when he gives her lady her favorite flowers, and in general, remembers what she likes and what she doesn’t. Even the smallest signs of interest will make a woman feel loved.


A man should be confident and strong, but he should also have a kind heart. Russian women are drawn to men who can find the right moment and time to show their tenderness hidden deep inside.

Russian ladies appreciate it when they are noticed. They can easily tell when a man is acting and when he is actually interested in what she is saying. Even if you do not find the topics on which a Russian woman likes to talk interesting, you should not simply sit there pretending to listen and drifting off into your own thoughts during your conversations with her.

It is important for a woman to see interest in the eyes of a loved one in order to form an emotional bond with him. Finally, a man can initiate a discussion about a fascinating subject, and a loving woman will undoubtedly help him.


If you want your relationships to last, love and understanding should go hand in hand. This is valid for loving friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships. Understanding is one of the top characteristics of a successful partner in a romantic relationship for a reason. Aside from allowing your partner to be who they want to be without fear of being judged, this characteristic encourages you to see things from other people’s perspectives.

In a romantic relationship, you should try to understand your Russian woman’s motivations and ambitions. She may have a totally different history than you.
This can cause her to see things differently and view problems in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Russian women want to develop a good relationship with a man who is willing to understand them rather than telling them how they should feel or act. They want to be loved for who they are. If you’re trying to change them into something they’re not, you should rethink if you’re ready for a relationship with a Russian lady.

What do Russian women expect from men when they date?

 Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Spending time with, dating, and marrying Russian women can be a source of great joy for any guy. However, there are several preliminary rounds that must be completed first. If you get through those, you’ll have a woman with whom you can spend your golden years together. Russian women, like any other woman, have aspirations of the man she dates. What exactly are these expectations? Is it the same as what any other woman anticipates? Here are a few examples:

Be honest.

When you date Russian women, they expect you to be frank with them and to show them your true self. Thus, if you’re putting on a display to get her, you’ll have to put on the show for a long time because the moment she realizes you’re not your true self, she’ll dump you.

Be strong.

This does not imply a man who prioritizes physical strength over mental strength, but rather that he should have more of both. A man with these massive biceps and a large chest might not be attractive to a Russian woman. A man with a strong character, however, who demonstrates that he can care about a woman without attempting to dominate or influence her, has a good chance of having her.

Be masculine.

A man who spends a lot of money on clothes is not a positive sign for a Russian woman. However, this does not imply that you should look disheveled in order to date her. A man who is overly concerned with his appearance is not something that a Russian woman will like. She wants you to look brutal. The more masculine you look, the more feminine she feels.

Love your family.

Russian families are usually large and welcoming. In Russia, the term “family” refers to more than just the husband, wife, and children. It includes grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and cousins. The culture of everyone loving their own home and protecting their families is instilled in Russians from childhood.

As a result, the majority of Russian women are looking to settle down with men who share their feelings towards family. They will introduce you to their family and tell you about each member. If you don’t respect family, you’re unlikely to find success with a Russian woman.

Make plans for the future.

No one can predict the future, and a man with promising prospects today will have his fortunes reversed the next day. No woman, on the other hand, wants a man who does not have big dreams and plans for the future.

Russian women consider a man who makes plans for the future, a man who is passionate about a small business he wants to launch, and a man who is constantly looking to expand his knowledge and skills to be a successful match. These women aren’t impressed by how much money you have right now, but they are impressed by how promising your future appears.

What every woman needs, particularly if she is from a less affluent country than Western Europe, the United States, or elsewhere, is a man who can take care of her. Take care of all the bills if you have the means.

Follow up.

After the date, you must follow up with your Russian lady to show her your interest. Russian women are very conservative, and they expect men to approach and follow up on their advances. To be honest, many women around the world anticipate it. Make a point of following up if you had a good time on the date and want to pursue a deeper relationship.

So, after the date, do the right thing. Call her and express your appreciation for her time. Even if you didn’t like her and spent all that time with her, she needs to know that you’ve decided not to pursue the engagement any further.

Treat her well.

Most of the Russian women are treated like queens by their fathers and brothers. They have been showered with love and adoration since a young age, and she would demand the same from you. Be sure to treat her well, tell her she is amazing, which she is, and most importantly, thank her from the bottom of your heart.

Even if she hasn’t accomplished much in school or in her professional life, she wants you to adore her. Women in Russia have traditionally been raised to be successful housekeepers.

State your expectations.

Although women in Russia can date for fun, the expectation is that the relationship will become long-term. As a result, it is preferable to state your expectations for the relationship as soon as you begin dating online so that both parties are aware of what is required of them. It’s a bad idea to trick her into thinking you’ll one day marry her when you know you won’t. Set the record straight right away.

Be a man of actions.

Although most men are not prone to excessive talking, Russian men are particularly quiet, and this is what Russian women will be looking for. You need to do more than just talk because, as the saying goes, talk is cheap. Get moving, get busy, and at the dinner table, listen more than you talk.

Women from Krasnodar, Russia

Krasnodar is the second-largest city in Southern Russia with a population of almost one million residents. Unofficially, this city is known as the capital of Kuban as well as the capital of Russia’s south. The most intriguing fact about Krasnodar’s geography is that it is situated at the 45th parallel, in the center between the North Pole and the Equator. This latitude is also known as the “lifeline” because it is assumed that the climatic conditions are most optimal for people to live.

Krasnodar is a bustling commercial center with the highest annual turnover in Russia’s Southern Federal District. For several years, Forbes magazine ranked Krasnodar as Russia’s best business city. There are more than 130 large and medium-sized enterprises in the city’s manufacturing sector. Among the cities in the Southern Federal District, Krasnodar has the lowest unemployment rate. Krasnodar also has the highest annual wage in the country.

Anyway, all these important advantages of living in Krasnodar pale in comparison to one well-known fact. This city is said to be home to some of Russia’s most beautiful ladies. If you’re looking for a date, you should know that Krasnodar women are known for their friendliness, kindness, and transparency. Perhaps the steady pace of life in the city also helps: people have both time and a willingness to devote it to others, whether tourists or locals and, if possible, support their neighbors.

Many single Russian women, including those from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, are drawn here by lower prices and a milder climate. In a city like Krasnodar, it is much easier to develop a career and maintain a personal life. The city provides all of the conditions for women to preserve their beauty and wellbeing. Did you know that Krasnodar has the most shopping malls per capita in Russia? Krasnodar women enjoy trendy and tasteful attire, and they are well-versed in fashion.

Photo by Anfisa Eremina from Pexels

Photo by Anfisa Eremina from Pexels

When discussing Krasnodar women, the first thing that comes to mind is their good health. They eat the most delicious and nutritious foods that the Russian land can offer. The Kuban produces half of all Russian fruits per year. Aromatic apples, cherries, plums, pears, and other fruits and vegetables end up on the tables of the country’s residents. However, the Krasnodar Territory also supplies vegetables, meat, and fish to Russian supermarkets. Kuban cuisine combines several cultures: Ukrainian, Russian, Uzbek, and Caucasian. Krasnodar women know special cooking secrets for making tasty traditional dishes such as borsch, pancakes, dumplings, pies, etc.

For the vast majority of women in Krasnodar, family is the most important value. This does not imply that they are willing to abandon all of their ambitions, self-realization, and careers for the sake of their husband and children. It’s just that these girls have an incredible ability to balance work, creativity, and family life.

7 signs that a girl is ready for a serious relationship

You’re probably ready to take your online dating life to the next level if you’re tired of playing games with women and having short-term relationships that never work out. There are a lot of lovely single women out there looking for serious, long-term relationships with you. All you have to do is learn how to tell them apart from others.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. Her family exemplifies a healthy relationship.

Ask your potential partner about her family. Do her parents live together? Of course, not all couples live happily ever after, but the fact that her parents are still together is a major plus. In this case, she will aim to establish the same harmonious social unit. She most certainly knows the tricks to preserve long and strong relationships. And if her family is incomplete, this is not a sentence because her parents’ mistakes are still learned.

2. Her mother left a favorable impression on you.

If a woman wants to be in a long-term relationship with you, she may want to incorporate you into all aspects of her life, including meeting friends and family. If you met on an international dating site, you can do it through video chat.

Pay attention to her mother if you want to see how your future partner will look in 20 years. This stereotype is right in the majority of cases. After all, the mother serves as the primary model for the girl to emulate. Is she taking care of herself? What does she enjoy? Is she related to any family members? She will make an effort to instill her habits in her daughter. However, if the girl tries to do the opposite, even a negative example may be beneficial.

3. You liked her inner circle.

Your potential partner’s sisters and girlfriends obviously have an impact on her; otherwise, she would not associate with them. Each of them is most likely a representation of one or more aspects of your chosen one’s personality. There is cause to be concerned if they are all avid party girls and your girlfriend is portraying herself as a homebody.

4. She is independent.

Even though men prefer to take the lead in relationships, no one wants to associate their life with an infantile lady. Two adults can build a successful relationship, so if a girl can make it without the assistance of her parents and boyfriends, this is a positive sign.

5. She values your time and care.

People with a customer mentality are usually unconcerned about the needs and opportunities of others. This strategy, however, will not work in a serious relationship. If a girl takes signs of attention for granted and expects gifts regardless of common sense, you run the risk of being left alone at a broken trough and broken love.

6. She’s got dreams and specific goals.

The more interests a woman has, the more appealing she is to others. With a girl who is full of ideas, you will be inspired and motivated to develop. Otherwise, it will is a wagon that you must pull on yourself when you have sufficient strength and desire.

7. She accepts you for who you are and helps you become better.

Many women are deliberately attempting to reshape their relationships. Any means are used, from tears to threats of divorce. As a consequence, the feeling of your own inadequacy persists, you lose heart, and you don’t want to do something. A girl who really loves you would be able to recognize and respect your individuality and assist you in realizing your full potential.