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About CuteOnly

CuteOnly is an international dating website connecting women from the former Soviet Union countries and men worldwide. It was established in 2005 and continuously provides an opportunity for hundreds of couples to find each other for love and marriage.

There are thousands of women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other former USSR countries who would love to meet a foreign man. To meet you.

Our philosophy

There were times when a choice of a life partner was limited by a narrow community, place of residence, or social status. With the Internet, it mostly disappeared, but traditionally, people tend to look nearby. We believe that true love is hard to find, and for many, it hides far outside their countries.

Our clients

All CuteOnly members are, not surprisingly, cute. We carefully check female profiles and try to accept only true ladies, doing our best to protect male users from fakes and scammers. And we expect from the male part of our community to be true gentlemen.

Fighting Scam

The CuteOnly team is highly motivated to protect our users from scam attempts. Our verification procedures keep most of the scammers away. Still, dating scams are real. We remove dozens of suspicious profiles daily and ask our subscribers to remain vigilant.

How to spot a scammer


  • Thanks for your kind service and I will tell my friends about it. 
    Douglas C., USA

  • Thank you for your help. Everything is working perfect now as far as I can see. 
    Harald E., Norway

  • I really have found no faults with your service! I think your service is good as it not only provides place for ads but also let you handle the correspondence in your site if you don’t want to do it by your own e-mail. 
    Christian A., Sweden

  • I really appreciate your website, and it appears to be maintained by a trustworthy company. You make certain that the scammers are apprehended and their profiles are removed. The ladies on our site are of all ages, and the majority of them are lovely. Although I haven't discovered my second half yet, I'm pleased with my decision to join your site.
    Marz H., Canada

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