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About CuteOnly

CuteOnly is an international dating website connecting women from the former Soviet Union countries and men worldwide. It was established in 2005 and continuously provides an opportunity for hundreds of couples to find each other for love and marriage.

There are thousands of women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other former USSR countries who would love to meet a foreign man. To meet you.

Our philosophy

There were times when a choice of a life partner was limited by a narrow community, place of residence, or social status. With the Internet, it mostly disappeared, but traditionally, people tend to look nearby. We believe that true love is hard to find, and for many, it hides far outside their countries.

Our clients

All CuteOnly members are, not surprisingly, cute. We carefully check female profiles and try to accept only true ladies, doing our best to protect male users from fakes and scammers. And we expect from the male part of our community to be true gentlemen.

Fighting Scam

The CuteOnly team is highly motivated to protect our users from scam attempts. Our verification procedures keep most of the scammers away. Still, dating scams are real. We remove dozens of suspicious profiles daily and ask our subscribers to remain vigilant.

How to spot a scammer


  • The reason I stop my subscription is that I think I may have found my soulmate. I wish to give her all my attention and think it is only respectful to delete my account. My experience with your site was great. If it doesn’t work out I’ll definitely be back... thanks for a great dating site.
    Jason D., USA

  • Thank you very much for your services. I have met a woman of my dreams on your website. She is perfect for me and we are going to meet up in one month for Valentine’s Day for the first time. I never thought that this online dating thing wouldn’t work because this is the first time I have ever tried it but I did meet somebody through your website and I am very excited to meet her in real life. Thank you very much for everything.
    Konstantin P., USA

  • Please accept our gratitude for your site, and for your part in our happiness. If you have people who are nervous, you have my permission to use me as a reference. Send me their info, and I shall be happy to help with my story. Thank you very much for your site. It provided an introduction to a lovely lady from Russia. We corresponded by email, Skype, met eventually, and after a few meetings, became engaged, and finally - MARRIED! We live in California. CUTEONLY has been our blessing. If you have any reservations - do not be nervous, jump in - the ladies are genuine. If you have questions, CUTEONLY has my permission to forward me your email, and I shall be happy to respond.
    Santi R., USA

  • I am seriously communicating with an amazing lady in Belarus that I met on your site. Your site is the very best and most authentic dating site I have ever seen.. its affordable and you guys work extra hard at keeping the scammers away. Thank You!
    Robin B., USA

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