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More men than women are dating online

Online dating is one of the most popular Internet activities – on par with Skyping and listening to podcasts.

Today, 41% of online singles globally have used online dating apps or sites within the past month.

More men than women are dating online.

At 65% of the user base, men outnumber women almost 2 to 1 as the biggest online daters.


75% of online daters are under the age of 30.

Younger people make up the majority of online daters:75% of online daters are under the age of 30, and 90% are under 40.

Among singles who use the internet, online dating peaks at the age of 25.  This audience is truly global too, especially throughout emerging markets.

Populations in these markets are generally younger, but the greater popularity holds up even after taking age differences into account.

37% of online daters say technology complicates life.

There’s a bold streak in the value statements that younger online daters tend to agree with.

They’re more prone to describing themselves as risk-takers, though this is common in younger audiences (54% vs 48%), and to be seen as adventurous by others (52% vs 45%).

We can’t attribute it to their experiences with online dating, but they’re somewhat more likely than non-daters of their age to see technology as something that complicates life – 37% agree.

Nevertheless, most online daters (62%)agree that the internet makes them feel closer to people.

Online dating isn’t replacing the offline connection.

This reflects something crucial: Online dating isn’t replacing any kind of offline connection or behavior, at least not for the cohort as a whole. The closeness they feel the internet is giving them reflects on their offline behavior, which is more social than their age group would imply.

They’re dating, they’re open to experiences, and they’re leading an active lifestyle.

As long as online dating can tap into their users’ social and lifestyle needs, and continue to inspire the purposeful, offline-driven experiences, they’ll be well-positioned for a second, third and fourth date with the world’s online singles.

Source: GlobalWebIndex