Don’t copy-paste to Russian girls

Don’t copy-paste to Russian girls. They are smart. They know you sent same text to hundreds of other girls (even if you sent it to just two:-).

Although you could copy-paste same message to every girl really fast (we are preparing the feature allowing to make it even faster), that’s not what I advise.

  • You are efficient in the amount of mail sent
  • But inefficient in the amount of feedback you get.
Why inefficient? Girls (internationally, including Russian girls) have heard so many canned openers, so they are trained to recognize them.


One of the oldest openers illustrated by some idiot who can’t tell polar bear from panda.

And guys who sent this canned stuff? They are transferred to the category called “one of many”. It’s not what you would like.

Now you may ask: if I don’t know her, how can I think up something personal? That’s a problem, let’s think.

You may go your way, but I recommend is looking at her photos and finding some detail. Funny works best, but even if not, it’s OK. Just keep it personal.

Some examples:

  • For a girl in an oversized Mickey Mouse t-shirt: we’ve got same size, swap it for my Vinnie de Pooh :)
  • To a girl who has many pictures, including the one in front of construction work: Everything fits you well: pink t-shirts, blue jeans, industrial steel tubing
  • For a girl, whose photos are from a high view point: How tall is photographer, 4 meters?
  • To the one standing next to an ugly sculpture: Next to you even ugly art looks OK.
It could be not the funniest material, but making it personal amplifies it tenfold. You end up being funny as hell.
At last, I don’t recommend playing about the text, about what she writes about herself:
  • In 80% of cases text in profiles is boring
  •  She may have written it long time ago and doesn’t remember what you are talking about.

I mean, you should read the text to realize if she’s your type, but don’t pay too much attention to it. Obviously it’s not hard: you guys like watching her bikini pictures, not reading about how “sincere caring blah-blah person” she is.