Payment gateways

When you deal with payment systems, it’s complicated. Payment systems are guys who process your credit card payments. But once you tell them you’re a dating site, many doors get shut.
Look at us. We’re doing well. We’ve got happy clients with low chargeback rate of 0,2%, which is way below the average for dating industry (the average chargeback rate is around 2.5% for dating industry). However, it’s the second time we receive a partnership termination notification from, the payment gateway we use for managing payments. Sure it’s gonna be resolved (we’re in the middle of negotiations), and sure the clients would not be affected. But it does require an extra effort from our side.
What are the reasons for dating indusrty being considered as unwelcomed?
  • High chargeback expectancy
  • Human trafficking
  • Unknown reasons
Chargebacks are something really common for dating. Look at how other companies operate and compare it with how it works at CuteOnly. $7 letter translations, hidden charges, etc.?
Human trafficking. To me it’s pretty absurd. Imagine you need a lot of girls in one place. Why would you open your own online dating if you could use some third party one? You know, it’s much more difficult to run your own business. And one more thing: Wake up, guys! It is 2012. Time of human trafficking from Russia and its neighbours is well in the past.
Unknown reasons — honestly, I don’t know, so maybe you can help me? Well, you can call it a dark side of dating business. Our other businesses are not like that. Everybody likes you, gives you free publicity and even offers free beer to strengthen partnership relationships.