Temporarily we only accept PayPal

Before, you had two payment gateways:

  1. PayPal (registered account needed)
  2. 2Checkout that processed only the credit cards.

Now we temporarily only accept payments through PayPal. There is no backup payment provider. For some of you, PayPal means more security and more control over us, merchants. Should any dispute occur, PayPal stands on your side.

For others, it’s pain in the ass for a number of reaosons:

  • Complicated policies varying from country to country.
  • You should register for recurring billing
  • If your charge fails, there’s not so much you can do.

We’re working on getting a backup payment solution asap. We’ve submitted the papers and waiting for the bank’s response.

Why it happened so fast? Long story, but 1) it’s a 2Checkout’s fault and 2) your data is preserved. We’ll tell you, and it’s gonna be boring.