What it really means when your Slavic girlfriend causes fights for no reason

A blow-out conflict in a relationship is simple to see and feel the consequences of. However, the tension generated by a Slavic lady instigating conflicts for no reason can be more pernicious. While you may be able to overcome these tiny conflicts as fast as they arise, over time, this squabbling may erode the quality of your relationship, producing a baseline level of tension that keeps you on edge in any encounter with your Slavic girlfriend.

Regardless of how meaningless these disputes appear, they frequently signal an underlying issue in the person selecting the fights or in the relationship. Unpacking the true reason why a woman may be creating arguments for seemingly little reasons will help you avoid falling down the rabbit hole of everything being a battle.

Below, we discuss the probable motives for a woman’s proclivity to pick conflicts about trivial or inconsequential issues, as well as recommendations for avoiding this type of dispute.


The most common reasons for your Slavic girlfriend picking fights seemingly without cause:

She craves connection

Picking a quarrel with someone, at the very least, gets their attention—which may be all that your girlfriend wants from you. If a woman feels lonely, unnoticed, or unimportant to her man, she may begin a quarrel in an attempt to connect.

She rejects the concept of genuine closeness

Despite how counterintuitive it may sound, some women may actually find it difficult to accept too much harmony. Harmony, after all, frequently encourages closeness, intimacy, and connection—with which many women are uneasy.

Perhaps your Slavic lady would prefer to avoid closeness than take the risk of confiding in you and risk feeling vulnerable. The best method to avoid this situation and keep oneself safe is to start conflicts for no apparent cause. It’s also conceivable that your Slavic lady is so frightened of having her heart broken if she gets too close to you that she creates random conflict to avoid it.

She wants to dominate the relationship

When it comes to self-sabotage… It’s also possible that a woman picks conflicts for no cause in order to maintain control of the relationship at all costs.

When things are going well, many women are uneasy. It makes them feel out of control and frightened as if the other shoe is always about to drop. When they argue, they engage their man on a different level, which makes them feel better since they are in control of the situation.

That is how she learned to communicate as a child

In certain situations, a woman may not even know that the small battles she is continually provoking are fights, especially if fighting was taught as normal communication behavior in her early home.

You learned the ‘proper way’ to talk, listen, and comprehend yourself by watching how your parents or siblings interacted with one another and with you. If your lady grew up in an atmosphere where grownups were always arguing with each other, she may have been taught that fighting is how you show others that you care, which may be why she’s continuing that behavior in your relationship.

How to deal with a Slavic lady who is always picking unnecessary conflicts?

It is critical to be empathetic from the start, no matter how tough that may be. Given the foregoing, your fight-starting woman may be suffering from loneliness, fear, or insecurity—all of which are feelings worthy of your consideration.

You may de-escalate the situation by first recognizing what emotion is causing her to initiate conflict in the first place. An argumentative lady may unconsciously expect you to solve the situation simply by reading her thoughts. Take a minute during the next fight that seems pointless to inquire about what is actually happening in order to avoid getting into this trap. Stop talking, express how you’re feeling, and then inquire as to how she is feeling.

Your Slavic lady may first rebuff or strike back defensively, but by continuing to express your own feelings, you can encourage her to do the same. Keep in mind that most battles are picked up unintentionally. Asking her to name an emotion again can successfully pull her into the present, even though she probably isn’t aware that she’s doing it.

If she expresses emotion, you may perhaps react to it and relate to it rather than continue to argue about the superficial issue that sparked the fight in the first place. In this manner, you two may have a fruitful discussion that gives you both a chance to work on your relationship. In that context, you’re not blaming your Slavic girlfriend alone for the arguments, and she’s not blaming you alone for the arguments. Instead, you see it as a harmful habit that both of you need to concentrate on overcoming.