How to recognize a scammer on a Russian dating site

Scammers, catched on CuteOnly, the Russian dating site

Here is a message we received from one of CuteOnly members, Robbie. Being a member for years, he met many girls and also got a proficiency in recognizing the true signs of scammers. Here’s his smart advice (text edited for publishing):

Most of the scammers are pretty easy to recognize. It came to my mind that there are 2 types of scammers: the “Sovjets” and the “Africans”.

African Scammers

The Africans come mostly from the US, UK and Netherlands. Most of them can be exposed easily. Especially if they write about “godfearing” or other “God” related things in the profiles.  That’s a sure sign for me (I am positive about it, because I used to work as a moderator for another dating site and blacklisted dozens of them).

  • Usually they act like they are now in an African country and you can wait for the moment that they are in trouble and need your money.
  • In other cases they fly over from the US to meet you, but have to make a stopover in the airport of another country (a non-direct flight) and here in when they begin to ask for help and financial support from you.

Sovjet Scammers

The Sovjet scammers can be separated into 2 groups:

  1. Girls who work independently
  2. Groups of people who generate lots of fake profiles and try to make contact with as many men as they can until they get caught.

You can recognize scammers by how quick they ask for your personal email address and try to start a private correspondence. It’s all because they can not be online on the dating site very often. Also they get crazy about you straightaway.

There is an easy way to test a girls’s genuineness: try asking her questions and see

  • whether she answers them
  • or keep writing about the same old things over and over again.

And there is another popular way of scamming.  Scammers invite you to visit for a example Odessa, they book a hotel and other things for you. And when you come -  you get obligated to pay a lot of money for hotel accomodation and etc., but the girl doesn’t show up. I always feel very sad for people who get tricked this way.

95% of all scammers have something in common: they don’t have patience.

A real woman would never jump on a men quick like that, especially not a normal Sovjet girl. They are too smart for that.