If she is not responding

I wrote her, and she didn’t get back. Here I’ll tell why it’s that, how to deal with that, and how to get another chance.

If she doesn’t respond, she has a reason. I’m so unimportant in her life that she doesn’t even bother to know me. Right?

Right, I’m not a priority for her. And after all, I’m not the center of universe for her. Imagine yourself being a hot girl. Imagined? Just for a minute. You are her:

Real user of CuteOnly

Inga, 21, the real user of CuteOnly

She has hundreds — and beautiful girls get hundreds — of messages every day. How would you feel about each particular one?

  • If I’m wildly funny, she may respond, and may not, and simply have a laugh.
  • If I look rediculously hot, she may respond as well, or just think whatever girls are thinking. That I’m too hot and out of her league, for example )
  • If I’m ordinal, it’s boring. My chances are low.
  • If I’m extravagant, she may take me for crazy or be afraid of.
  • And she may have a bad day, I could remind her her teacher whom she hates, and any other of millions of reasons.

So the easiest way is to give up. I recommend that. Right, it’s painful to be rejected, but are you rejected indeed? No. She doesn’t know you. Unless you spent 10 years as best friends, she can’t tell she knows you enough. So it’s not personal. Would you hurt if she rejects your neighbor? No. Here it’s like that. She rejected someone, not you. Someone, who only lives in her imagination, not you.

I can see how you skimmed through the text above and looking of the magic recipe to get her back. I wrote it here, but it was too long. I’ll publish it in the post. Sorry. Ciao!