Russian women on a dating market: demand generates supply.

There’s an old adage that goes, “Like must marry like or there will be no happiness.” Nonetheless, many Russian women seeking love abroad disregard this wisdom. The “Russian bride” phenomena did not emerge by accident, but rather as a result of a simple economic law — demand generates supply.

 Photo by Crina Doltu from Pexels

Photo by Crina Doltu from Pexels

From the men’s point of view

Being an average level of income, any age man from the US, Canada, Europe, or Europe can suffice to pass as a suitable groom for an average Russian lady. If the groom is unsure whether marrying a Russian woman rather than a woman from his own country is a smart decision, he does a basic cost-benefit study.

One advantage of marrying a Russian woman is her strong family values. A Russian wife would suit any man who does not want his best half to dote on him and look after the housework and their son, and who is not an individual feminist sort. A Russian wife would satisfy any man who needs his best half to pamper him and take care of the housework and their children rather than be an ambitious feminist. A man can be assured of a good wife with a Russian woman, at least according to the dominant stereotype.

Some men may be self-conscious about an age difference between themselves and their spouse in their own country. This is not a problem in Russia. There is no social shame associated with seeing a partner that is 25 years your junior.

Though the Russian brides’ dating sites offer a big cultural mix, there would be no significant gaps between the man’s and her life views, and she will probably speak at least some basic English.

From the women’s point of view

Women, by nature, want care and protection. So, where do Russian women get the impression that life in a foreign country is far superior to life in Russia?

Here is the answer: we all recall the economic and social struggles of the 1990s when we realized that food and clothing were plentiful in the West, where a woman could purchase shoes and a handbag in the same color and pattern as her suit or dress.

It was an eye-opening experience. Even though times have changed and Russia is now a consumer’s heaven, this trend persists, although in a weakened form. The thing is, the number of Russian female users of international dating sites is great, and it is continually replenished by newcomers from the poorer provinces.

When a woman falls in love and decides to marry her overseas mate, she should consider the challenges of adjusting to her new circumstances and carefully weigh the economic advantages of her choice against the weight of her feelings; she should not depend on the possibility that she would reform her chosen man, molding him into something more preferable.

In fact, both parties make economic estimates. Men do it directly, while women do it in a more abstract manner — in the shape of consumer fantasy.