What exactly is “pocketing” in online dating, and what should you do about it?

A new relationship with a Slavic lady is exhilarating, and that is an understatement. The butterflies, the flutters, the period where you are discovering everything fresh about the other person—totally appealing. And if you’re like most men, you’ll want to tell your buddies everything immediately. After all, who can give you better counsel than your friends?

You could also wish to publish photos of yourself with your Slavic girlfriend on social media as you get closer. In addition to being a chance to spread your happiness, captions may demonstrate your affection for her and uplift her spirits.

Would you be puzzled or offended if your Slavic girlfriend didn’t post about you on her social profiles? You may wonder whether the absence of a hard launch on Instagram indicates that she does not want to be with you.

There is a new online dating term that defines and explains her conduct called “pocketing”. “Pocketing” is the catchphrase for avoiding disclosing your relationship or the person you’ve been seeing on social media. In other words, pocketing is “keeping your partner in your pocket,” so to speak.


If your Slavic girlfriend hasn’t tweeted about you but is otherwise an active social media member, she might be pocketing you. Almost everyone these days is on social media, where we upload images of our life, friends, family, pets, and even what we ate for lunch. So, if the lady you’re dating is active on social media but doesn’t exhibit any traces of your existence, you might be getting pocketed.

What if, though, you haven’t been dating for a while? When was the right time for your Slavic girlfriend to write about you online? No, there is no hard and fast rule, but if she hasn’t written about you after you two have had “the talk” and started dating officially, she may be pocketing.

The practice of “pocketing” extends beyond social media and is as prevalent offline. When one partner in a relationship isolates the other from their friends and family, this is referred to as pocketing. Additionally, if you bring up family or friends, your Slavic woman can dodge the subject, discourage you from seeing their loved ones, and only create arrangements for the two of you.

The motives for pocketing are rather alarming

As you may expect, pocketing isn’t a good sign. But, before you worry, keep in mind that some of the motives for the behavior are more harmless than others. And, in most circumstances, their pocketing is not triggered by you.

Personal motives for pocketing are typically more prevalent than ones particular to you. People frequently pocket their partners because they have had negative experiences in the past. Understandable, to be sure, but it doesn’t diminish the impact of their actions on you.

What to do if your Slavic lady is pocketing you?

When you regard pocketing as a problem, and your Slavic girlfriend is unable to speak it out and compromise with you, you have a problem. If you want to upload a picture of the two of you showing off your lovely life together and she stops you, it’s time to rethink your relationship. It’s normal if you’re hesitant about discussing this issue with her. Just keep in mind that you are not doing anything wrong or asking for too much. Speak out if your Slavic girlfriend’s conduct continues to bother you. You’re absolutely correct. You, like her, are an active participant in this relationship. Tell her that you want to be visually reflected in her life both publicly and privately.

However, there are certain possible warning flags when it comes to pocketing. It might indicate a problem with the Slavic woman’s transparency—what is she withholding from you? She may, for example, be dishonest about her goals or expectations. Perhaps she wants to keep things casual or date other guys, and adding you to her grid would take away their space. Perhaps your Slavic lady isn’t serious about you. Simply put, some people do not want the person with whom they are in a relationship to socialize with other people in their lives. Why? Perhaps because they don’t respect or care enough about them to do so.

Use the “I statements” gently to avoid making your Slavic woman feel assaulted. “I think you don’t like the notion of my seeing your friends and family,” for example. Do you want to talk about it?” or “I’m a little concerned that I haven’t met your friends/family yet. If you’re ready, I’d want to talk about it.” Prepare to listen and collaborate on the problem.

Take note of how she reacts when you bring it up. Is she approachable and understanding? And does she demonstrate actual change? Or does she silence you? Pocketing becomes a problem when she refuses to talk about it despite your efforts to convey your worries about the matter. It’s very reasonable and acceptable to ask for your Slavic girlfriend to publicize you on social media or integrate you more fully into her life.