We’re Collecting Reviews from Our Customers

Recently, Authentic Reviews offered us to be one of their first clients and we agreed. Here we go with Reviews of CuteOnly; below I’ll explain how we get them and why they are trustworthy.

Their idea is to collect the reviews from real clients. Why is that hard?

Web has a problem of trust. There are reviews of few different sorts:

  • Good reviews from real clients — seldom; normally the clients don’t have the urge to write unless they face some horrible experience with the service
  • Bad reviews from real clients — frequent; unhappy clients have urge to share the experience warning others and/or punishing the service
  • Fake good reviews that website owners write about themselves
  • Fake bad reviews that the competitors write
  • Questionable bad reviews left by the people who don’t have real experience with the service.

The latter could be clients complaining that the service is expensive, not free etc but have not purchased the service and thus have no experience with it.

So, we’re trying to accept first two categories of reviews. In order to do that, we put a small button in the footer inviting to leave the review. The button is only shown to registered users and appears time to time on a girls profile. Every 7th time to be precise.

How Authentic Reviews makes sure there are no fake reviews? Unlike other websites, they requests the proof of purchase, so there’re little to know fake reviews at all.

We don’t know about you, but we find this scheme fair. And know what, many reviews are so beautiful they make our day and motivate a lot, even more than money. Here are is just one:

I recommend it highly!
I have found a woman I am interested in starting a life together with. It has been a wonderful experience for me as I have met and corresponded with
several very nice women. However since I am now relating to only one woman I no longer need this sevice. Thank you very much for your wonderful site, I recommend it highly!
James Vickers from United States

Are you the customer of CuteOnly and wanna leave a honest review? We, CuteOnly team (Ksenia, Ivan, Nikolay, Maria, Vladimir and Vera) would be pleased to read it.