Some tips to avoid telling lies in your online dating profile

Have you ever considered embellishing details about yourself in an international dating site profile? How can a small, harmless lie hurt someone? According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Portsmouth, men don’t just rank higher than women in terms of how often they lie – they also consider themselves better liars. The study revealed that expert liars also prefer to lie face-to-face, rather than via text messages, and social media was the least likely place where they’d tell a lie.


Being truthful and honest in your profile while dating online is very important. It can help you find a meaningful connection with a Slavic woman who shares your values and interests. According to a study by Psychology Today, people who present themselves in a more authentic way in an online dating profile (both in photos and in the description) are more likely to find a meaningful connection.

Here are some tips to avoid telling lies in your online dating profile:

  • Be honest about your interests, hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a relationship.
  • Use recent photos that accurately represent what you look like now.
  • Avoid exaggerating your accomplishments or education level.
  • Don’t lie about your age or relationship status.
  • Be cautious of women who refuse to meet in person.

When you are honest, you almost attract or allow yourself to project an image of the kind of communication you require back. And honesty is a lot easier if you aren’t treating your dating site experience with the stakes of a diamond heist.

So yes, although some online dating websites may make one feel the need to tell a few little lies, remember that when you do find that relationship you want if you have started it off with a lie you may find yourself back on the dating scene sooner than you thought.