How to get the woman of your dreams for St. Valentine’s Day

Feeling terrified by the upcoming holiday of Romance and Love? There is no need to be. If you follow these easy instructions, you’ll never have to spend Valentine’s Day alone. The 14th of February is just around the corner, so let’s get to work right away!

Many men feel that Valentine’s Day is a pointless occasion created to enhance sales of chocolates and greeting cards. Others belive that the bar for romance is quite high, and men feel uneasy about their capacity to meet it.


In this aspect, international dating provides several advantages for men. Single Slavic women begin to think thoroughly about relationships at this time and are more open to dialogue with foreign guys. Appetites have been stimulated by all of the internet romance and relationship marketing and promotion.

It’s a great moment to start building internet contacts with Slavic ladies. Send contact requests, emails, and expressions of interest, and then start conversing. It’s time to get serious about making online dating work for you.

Refresh your profile

Update the pictures in your profile. Make an attempt to take at least some professional or semi-professional images. Get this done if you are serious about meeting the girl of your dreams. Make sure you have at least 1 outstanding new picture. It’s time to start dazzling Slavic females with your improved profile. The ladies will love this.

Most international dating services allow women to “Like” your images. When this happens, you’ll know about the ladies that loved your photo, so you’ll know they’re interested.

Not only photographs, but also text, have a significant impact on how women perceive your persona. If you didn’t put in much effort at first or couldn’t get the outcomes you desired, give it a makeover!

  • Look through 20–50 women’s profiles that catch your attention.
  • Make a list of what they wish to find in the man.
  • Now you know what to include in your profile to entice any female.

Isn’t that easy? It will only take you a few hours, but the results will surprise you!

Make as many contacts as possible

Begin creating as many contacts as you can with Slavic ladies that you are attracted to and who match your searching criteria. Make an effort to gather at least 20 verified contacts where ladies acknowledged your expression of interest. It’s time to really show her who you are, your personality, and what a wonderful life she will have with you!

Start sharing short overview of your interesting everyday activities, thoughts, and Valentine’s Day-related ideas. Add pictures of you and your life in motion, which is very vital. Women are inquisitive beings who can’t help but poke around in other people’s lives. Especially if it pertains to a possible partner’s lifestyle!

Get them thrilled and interested in you and your life. It’s easy, really!

Narrow down your list of contacts

Reduce the number of ladies on your list. Choose the women you like the best and would want to spend a real life date with in the hopes of falling in love and establishing a decent relationship.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to include at least two females on this list. Having more ladies to attract may be too much of a task, and it is easy to become confused. Continue to exchange emails and chats, but it is now more vital to transition to Skype or another video chat as soon as possible.

Start using video chat

Make it a reality right away with Skype and video chatting. If you genuinely like these women, why wait? Don’t make international dating harder than it has to be; you’re here to do it. Just get it done.

It takes work to find a mate for a wonderful relationship. There isn’t a better time to start a relationship than on Valentine’s Day, so toughen up and put in some good work.

Go personal

This may be the moment to get her phone number and start sending her romantic text messages letting her know you’re thinking of her and making sure she starts and ends the day happy with some engaging and brief loving texts.

This does not replace emails and video conversations, but you are flirting and caring with the SMS. Small texts might help enliven your international conversation.

Hide or delete your dating profile

You’re starting to take things more seriously with one or two Slavic women. So, It’s time to hide or deactivate your online dating profile. You now have the chance to show your dedication—yes, hiding your profile counts as “commitment” in the world of online dating.

Tell your special lady (ladies) why you’re hiding your profile and explain your thoughts on the relationship’s short and long term prospects.

Make your choice

It was great to begin with 20 ladies appreciating your life, your pictures, and yourself. But for now, you have to make progress with the one particular woman you want to make Valentine’s Day important for.

This is it; you’ve worked up to the point where your love is at your side (at least virtually), and you’ve opened up a world of possibility. And all of that was made possible by what some men perceive to be “business propaganda.” But it seems like you can benefit from these things!

Women cherish the idea of romance and what Valentine’s Day may be for them—including Russian and Ukrainian ladies—if only a kind man would come forward and make it happen!