Giving flowers to a girl from Russia


Any girl from Russia loves flowers. However, some girls may pay a lot of attention to the choice of flowers you make. They believe in Russia that the way you treat flowers is how you are going to treat your woman. Here are some “don’ts” that will help you avoid making mistakes while giving flowers to a girl from Russia (source: Aero Translate).

Don’t buy your Russian girl carnations

Red carnations are a symbol of war. In Russia people bring these flowers to graves of their relatives who died in a war to commemorate them. On May 9 – Russian Victory Day – thousands of people place these flowers in front of the soldiers’ graves on the Red Square in Moscow.

Don’t give her an even number of flowers

In Russia they always give an odd number of flowers. Giving an even number is a bad sign, because they also place only an even number of flowers on graves. So unless she knows that in foreign countries they sell and give flowers in dozens, you risk upsetting her.

Don’t give her 13 flowers

Even though it’s an odd number, it is an unlucky number too, and not only in Russia. So, make sure that your bouquet of flowers is an odd number other than 13.

Don’t give her yellow flowers

Any yellow flower is a symbol of parting or deceit in Russia. According to an old custom, if a boyfriend in Russia wants to break up in a nice and peaceful way, he gives his girlfriend yellow flowers. So don’t bring your girl yellow flowers unless, of course, you have a reason for that.

Don’t buy old flowers

Make sure that you buy fresh flowers because in Russia they also believe that if the man who gives a bouquet of flowers doesn’t have true, sincere and kind feelings for the girl, the flowers will not last long.

Of course, these are all superstitions and they may seem quite silly. But they may be helpful for the man who cares about the impression he has on his girlfriend.