Dating hacks for courting Slavic women

For millennia, men have been troubled by the subject of what women want. We are ready to give the secret to you so you can be certain of what Slavic women seeking men abroad need.


Copy and paste these sentences into your profile, and you will receive at least 50% more emails from attractive women. Because this is precisely what every lady on an international dating site wishes to hear!

So, what do Slavic women really want?
The desires of all Slavic women looking for a foreign companion online are similar.

To tie the knot. In other words, to start a family, which does not always include having children. It implies that she wants a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate to prove that she has a spouse. Slavic ladies might find a date at home. They are struggling to find someone who would provide her with the ideal status of a wife in a formally recognized marriage.

To fall in love with a man who will capture her heart. “The man is the hunter,” Slavic ladies say. You’ve made up your mind that she’s the one for you, and you won’t take “No” for an answer.

To allow him to be the leader.  As the proverb goes, “the male should be the head of the family” (i.e. the leader in the relationship). This entails deciding she is the lady he desires and then using all necessary attempts to win her heart. This is apparently how he will manage all of his other life goals in the future. The guy is meant to make the decisions, and the woman is expected to follow.

To let him be the man of action …and schedule the meeting and handle all of the logistical and money details.

These are the things that every Slavic lady on an international dating site hopes to find in a potential partner.

How do you use this knowledge to win the heart of a Slavic woman? Just copy and paste the following phrases into your profile if you agree with what is mentioned:

  • My intention is to marry within the next 12 months.
  • If we share sympathies, I’m willing to travel to your city to meet you.
  • I plan to visit your country this year.
  • I am able to support my family.
  • My wife is not required to work if she does not choose to.
  • I want/ I don’t want to have children.

What is the ideal ice-breaker message to get a response from practically any Slavic lady on a dating site?

Include the following “catchall phrase” in your message and stick to it throughout your dialogue (no doubts allowed):

  • You are exactly the type of lady I seek.

Yes, she needs to hear that to feel safe and open up to you.