10 obstacles to long-distance relationships with Slavic women and how to overcome them

You’d be surprised at how many different ways love works. You have no control over it or who you fall in love with. Who’d have known your true love would come from a place thousands of miles away? It’s incredible how this foreign woman used to be nobody to you and has now become both someone and everyone in your life.


Unfortunately, it is not all roses, but also thorns. There are several obstacles that will get the best of you and make you want to give up. All of these difficulties and troubles may push you over the brink, but that doesn’t mean you should waste what may be the finest thing that has ever happened to you.

The distance

You have this want to be physically affectionate with a Slavic lady while you are in a relationship with her. You would want to hold her hand in public, embrace her on sad days, snuggle with her till dawn, and do things to express how much you love her. It will be difficult if you cannot do all of these things with your loved one. It is natural to be envious of people who can spend physical time with their beloved.

Change your need for physical intimacy into something else. Spend extra time on date evenings or hunt for unique presents that creatively communicate your emotions. Do not overthink your circumstance or feel sorry for yourself. It’s important to realize that everyone’s situation is unique. When the time comes, you’ll be able to finally take her hand, kiss her, and hold her in your loving arms for as long as you desire.

The language

The language barrier is one of the most significant issues in international dating. It’s difficult to communicate when there’s such a large gap between you and your Slavic woman. Because of the language barrier, you can risk misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

Every day, try to learn a new word or two in her language. Begin with the fundamentals: “hi,” “good day,” “I’m sorry,” and “I love you.” You’ll eventually acquire new vocabulary that will help you communicate with her more effectively. You may also take language learning classes online or buy a dictionary or translator for self-help.

The expenses

Airfare has become prohibitively costly in recent years, and it is beginning to strain your finances. Not to mention the money you’ve spent on long-distance calls, postcards, and presents. There’s so much to buy that it’s starting to concern you. Why not plan your vacations instead of stopping by on the spur of the moment? Be more realistic with your presents and negotiate with your Slavic woman on how you may save money.

Time difference

You can’t talk to her every minute of the day, no matter how much you want to. Your time zones are significantly different, and as you begin your day, she is about to finish hers.

You may come across your Slavic woman at an inopportune time and have no choice but to extend your patience with her. Setting up a timetable for your online calls and dates might make things easier.

Of course, you must both schedule your activities. Don’t go out with buddies and say you’ll make it up the following time when you’ve booked a video call for that night. One lost chance in your relationship might already generate a lot of strife.

The expectations

It’s difficult to address expectations in detail when you spend the majority of your time together in front of a screen. It’s possible that you and your Slavic girl have different goals and opposing viewpoints about your relationship.

When it comes to dating, countries all around the world have various traditions. It is sometimes acceptable for both men and women to make crucial decisions in a partnership, and other times it is only the males who have the final say. Resolve conflicts with your Slavic girlfriend whenever possible.

Accepting each other’s quirks

It’s great to get to know your loved one, yet understanding her quirks might be difficult. Accepting the tiny things that might be irritating is difficult. You might not find her tiny peculiarities cute anymore, and the gestures you observe might not be as fascinating as they once were.

Regardless, you must embrace your Slavic woman for who or what she is. You only have a limited amount of time with her, whether online or in person. Learn to endure the things that irritate you. Don’t waste your time being upset by her behavior.

Immigration laws

You’ve wanted to visit your Slavic girlfriend for a long time, even spend your life with her, but immigration restrictions appear to exist just to complicate your reunion. Consult with legal professionals immediately away to get your case started as soon as feasible. Learn about the immigration regulations of the nation where your woman resides and your alternatives.

Conflicting cultures

Another stumbling block that you might have yet to conquer is your two contrasting cultures. Something that is commonplace in your nation may be forbidden in hers, and vice versa. You must be more cautious in your approach. When you get to know your Slavic woman better, you’ll be able to tell which activities are inappropriate and which are acceptable in her culture.

Be honest with her about your respective cultures. Make your communication informal and conversational. Make it clear that you are not imposing rules and restrictions. Respect her views so that she, in turn, will respect yours.

Disliking her country

How bad would it be to discover that you don’t like your woman’s homeland once you’ve arrived? It will be difficult for you since you will have to push yourself to feel it while also figuring out how to explain your hate to your girlfriend.

Do not lie to your girlfriend about your difficulty, but rather break it to her gently. Tell her nicely that you appreciate her culture and nation, or city, and that the setting is different from what you grew up in. The last thing you want to do is disparage her hometown, and hence her entire heritage.

Returning home after a visit

The most difficult aspect is accepting that you will have to leave after your visit. When the fairytale comes to an end, reality sets in. You must return to your usual habit of attempting to make things work in between seas. Just keep hoping that maybe on your next visit, you or your Slavic wife won’t have to depart.