Russian dating is a numbers game

To find just one girl, you have to contact many. Many, many, many.

Imagine, how many women would you like to date?

  • Include those who are much older than you
  • Who are much younger
  • Who have pick nose in public or do whatever else you dislike
  • Who do hard drugs, are generally crazy etc.

How many would you like? Chances are, it’s 5%, most probably less.

Now, that sad point is: women, they also have their preferences. They don’t like

  • your city
  • your body type
  • your style of writing
  • your hobbies
  • your dog
  • or passion to wearing high heels etc.

Imagine, only 5% of women like you (this number is higher if you’re a rock star and less if you wear socks with sandals). This way you get:

5% x 5% = 0.25%.

0.25% — that’s your chance of a mutual sympathy. 

Still it’s a lot taking into account we have around 30 000 Russian girls active. So what does it mean? You should contact at least 400 messages to find her. Sure this number is far from being precise, but you got the point, right?