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  • Thanks for your help! I get way too many messages from the girls!I think your site is excellent, please keep up the good work! 
    Christian D., Germany

  • Actually, I liked your service extremely well! There is someone I met from your services who I like very, very much. Had it not been for CuteOnly, I would never have met her — and I consider her to be a most special human being. There were absolutely no shortcomings in service. 
    Mark M., USA

  • Thanks very much I have found what I am looking for… You are great people! 
    Robert S., Iceland

  • Thanks for your kind service and I will tell my friends about it. 
    Douglas C., USA

  • Thank you for your help. Everything is working perfect now as far as I can see. 
    Harald E., Norway

  • I really have found no faults with your service! I think your service is good as it not only provides place for ads but also let you handle the correspondence in your site if you don’t want to do it by your own e-mail. 
    Christian A., Sweden

  • I really appreciate your website, and it appears to be maintained by a trustworthy company. You make certain that the scammers are apprehended and their profiles are removed. The ladies on our site are of all ages, and the majority of them are lovely. Although I haven't discovered my second half yet, I'm pleased with my decision to join your site.
    Marz H., Canada

  • CuteOnly site is wonderful and I would and have recommended it to others. The reason I am leaving is my lady Irina that I met here some months back.
    Ian L., UK

  • I have been successful in finding the lady of my dreams through your agency. I would like to take this opportunity to thank for bringing me and Elena together, once again thank you! 
    Paul G., UK

  • Thank you for your amazing hard work and dedication. I was very fortunate to make a few friends who are absolutely amazing people. Thank you.
    Hillard M., USA

  • The reason I stop my subscription is that I think I may have found my soulmate. I wish to give her all my attention and think it is only respectful to delete my account. My experience with your site was great. If it doesn’t work out I’ll definitely be back... thanks for a great dating site.
    Jason D., USA

  • Thank you very much for your services. I have met a woman of my dreams on your website. She is perfect for me and we are going to meet up in one month for Valentine’s Day for the first time. I never thought that this online dating thing wouldn’t work because this is the first time I have ever tried it but I did meet somebody through your website and I am very excited to meet her in real life. Thank you very much for everything.
    Konstantin P., USA

  • Please accept our gratitude for your site, and for your part in our happiness. If you have people who are nervous, you have my permission to use me as a reference. Send me their info, and I shall be happy to help with my story. Thank you very much for your site. It provided an introduction to a lovely lady from Russia. We corresponded by email, Skype, met eventually, and after a few meetings, became engaged, and finally - MARRIED! We live in California. CUTEONLY has been our blessing. If you have any reservations - do not be nervous, jump in - the ladies are genuine. If you have questions, CUTEONLY has my permission to forward me your email, and I shall be happy to respond.
    Santi R., USA

  • I am seriously communicating with an amazing lady in Belarus that I met on your site. Your site is the very best and most authentic dating site I have ever seen.. its affordable and you guys work extra hard at keeping the scammers away. Thank You!
    Robin B., USA

  • I would like to THANK YOU so much for helped me find my soulmate, my dream girl, my world ... finally! I hope everything to continue the same way for us, with progress of getting closer and create the lovely family at the end. Your cause to run this site is great! Keep going and I wish you a lot of success!
    Ross, USA

  • It turns out I've found the love of my life here and can finally turn off this account. Thank you and you guys have a great site I'll refer you guys in the future!
    Vincent L., USA

  • The reason I stop my subscription is I am now engaged to be married. Many thanks to your site.
    D. Sauchella, UK

  • You have provided excellent service. I met a lovely lady who is currently living with me.
    Nick T., Turkey

  • I found someone on your website. Thank you for all you have done for us and I wish you and your team all the best in the world.
    Jense H., Germany

  • Thanks to your website I was able to start communicating with an amazing person. We decided to focus on each other and leaved the site. Today we are engaged and looking forward to plan our live together. I want to thank you for the opportunity and blessing to find the amazing love I did.
    Juan S., USA

  • I found a partner on the first day of my subscription! I'm very satisfied with your service. The website is really great! Thank you so much!
    Bryan C., Denmark

  • Thanks to you I could meet some new people, and draw my own fairy tale... which I hope to make it real soon. Your services and attention are great! I have only thankful words for you all. I wish you successes and let more people write their life n' love stories.
    Diego S., Brazil

  • Yes, thanks to your website, I'll be traveling to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to meet a lady. and I reside in Ireland, so this may be a happy encounter and love. So, thanks to you, I may have found a wife. The lady in question deleted her membership and has requested me to do the same, which I understand, so we will let you know if this works out.
    Robert S., UK

  • I believe I have met someone to spend my time with! I will always recommend this website to others. I'm kind of happy...!
    Brandon L., USA

  • Thanks to CuteOnly I have found my love I was looking for and I am really happy that I have subscribed there. Many thanks to the entire CuteOnly team for this great dating site and friendly support and service.
    Stefan K., Switzerland

  • I have met the love of my life. The profile pop-up that notifies users that someone is online... I accidentally clicked on one of those and discovered the most wonderful person for me... we are getting married next month and I owe it all to your site! I would have never met her if it was not for! It's been a long and strange journey dating people from other countries... But thanks to my search has found an amazing person that I am about to spend the rest of my life with.
    Dave P., USA

  • I'm canceling my subscription since I've found my true love. Thanks for your website; we've been together for a long and have been communicating via Skype; she came out to meet up with me, and we're going out; I'll see her around Christmas.
    Colin L., Australia

  • Thank you kindly, it has certainly been a very rewarding experience to meet sincere people, it is the second time I join CuteOnly, and will not be the last time. I would definitely recommend to friends to sign up this page.
    Joel H., Australia

  • First and foremost, I'd want to express my gratitude for CuteOnly. Now it's up to me to prove whether I'll be pleased or not. I'm hoping everything goes well. I understand that it is not beneficial for Your company, but I must inquire about deleting my profile! :) I hope there will be no need for it in my life in the future. Thank you once again... Perhaps our wedding will be doable in September!!! Thank you very much!!
    Krzysztof M., Ireland

  • I have had a great experience and have met some interesting people. If I consider the need to come back for online dating your site has a lot of quality and will be happy to use it. I can say the women on the site are fantastic and live up to the promise. Fascinating, genuine and beautiful women. I did find a couple of people that we are going to try to grow our relationship. Hopefully, one may turn into something great.
    Raymond O., USA

  • May I compliment you on the amazing service offered by Cuteonly! I really appreciated your prompt acknowledgement, in accordance with the request, whatever it may be... I believe I have finally discovered my soulmate here; she is now on vacation and will return in a few days; and by requesting that my profile be removed, I only want to demonstrate my sincerity about her!
    Gean Yves LG., France

  • Your service was professional and quick with each request I have made over the last 3 months. I wish your Company much success. 
    Christopher R., Canada

  • I have found a woman I am interested in starting a life together with. It has been a wonderful experience for me as I have met and corresponded with several very nice women. Thank you very much for your wonderful site, I recommend it highly!
    James V., USA

  • The ladies you will meet on this site are beautiful and very courteous, a delight to communicate with.
    Adam A., USA

  • I am currently in a serious relationship with a woman I met on your website over 15 months ago. We have met twice, once in Greece, last Sept. Now this year in Israel. She has invited me to visit her in Russia in August. I am very hopeful this will lead to our marriage in the future. Thanks for your help!
    Lew H., USA

  • I do have some great news to share with you. The reason that I closed my account was that I had already found the woman of my dreams on your site!
    Robert L., USA

  • The reason I stop my subscripion is I have met someone from your site and I'm very excited to see where it leads. Thank you for your services!
    Trevor S., USA

  • I've recently found a new love in my life. Thank you so much for your assistance. It was a fantastic site that I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Martin B., Belgium

  • I've recently found a new love in my life. Thank you so much for your assistance. It was a fantastic site that I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Martin B., Belgium

  • Thank you very much. I already have met so many incredible wonderful ladies here. You have an amazing site! I have been on many dating sites, and yours is the best.
    John L., USA

  • CuteOnly is the most polite and supportive site I have ever been to. Good luck to all of you. I got my life back together because of you. Thanks!
    Martin K., USA

  • I have nothing but good things to say about CuteOnly. And a credit to you and your staff. I appreciate your correspondence transparency and honesty which makes me feel very comfortable. Have met a lovely lady who is coming to visit me next month.
    Craig I., Australia

  • The reason I stop my subscripion is I found true love on CuteOnly! Thank you and we are going to get married next year!
    Colin L., Australia

  • I am delighted to announce that I met someone through your site, and I am extremely satisfied with the service that your site provided me, and I would not hesitate to suggest you to anybody who was interested.
    Ian D., UK

  • I've found my true love at CuteOnly and will pay her a visit in Belarus. I want to offer her my whole and undivided attention.
    Frank I., USA

  • Yes! I found my favorite girl in Ukraine thanks to CuteOnly chat, and we are planning our meeting in Italy; I will send you photos of our meeting very soon.
    Paolo D., Italy

  • Your service is really good. Thank you so much. I found someone at CuteOnly and will like to try a serious relationship. Wish me luck!
    Eugenio N., Mexico

  • I found a woman on here and this week she is moving to Canada!
    Dan D., Canada

  • Most important, I hope that I've found the one and only) CuteOnly has been great, and I have made some good friends. The site has been very reliable and easy to use. The site team, has been very supportive, responsive and helpful. In my opinion, this site has a very good reputation and certainly I would recommend it to anyone who's looking to find their soulmate. (actually I do recommend it, a lot!)
    Greg W., USA

  • It has just been a short while on your site but I have already found an absolutely amazing girl. I know it is not good for business for people to find each other so quickly but it has been a wonder experience for me! I am really happy with my match!!!
    Wyn D., UK

  • I met my girlfriend on your site. A couple of months after we started writing each other her profile got removed from your site. Now she visited me 3 times and met my family and friends. This past summer I went to visit her and met her parents and relatives. So I am pretty convinced she is serious about our relationship. I am pleased I joined your site and thank you very much for your service!!
    Bryan C., Denmark

  • I like your service. One girl replied me and we are now writing to each other. Not near to marriage yet. If this one does not work I will subscribe again to find the right partner. I like your girls. 
    Vizier Z., Australia

  • Hats off to the team at CuteOnly. You have one the best sites I have been on. I have my upgraded membership for only two months, but have found your site less cost than the other site where I pay five dollars per correspondence. The ladies on site are great looking too. Site is very easy to use. 
    Prentice C.

  • Most of the dating sites try to get your all money. They are bad at service and also their sites include many scammers. It is very bad for your ladies; however there are a few real honest sites in the dating work. CuteOnly is one of them. Thank you for your attention about scammers and unlimited correspondence with ladies. I think you have a place on the top of dating. 
    Marcus C., Turkey

  • I really enjoyed your service. I am in a happy relationship with a girl that I met through your site. Thank you again for all of your help.
    Don C., USA

  • First, I wish to express my thanks and gratitude to your site. I met a very nice girl on the site in January this year. We persevered and I am very happy to say that we are in a very loving relationship together!
    Simon F., UK

  • I don't want to miss the opportunity to say thank you for the great time I've spent with CuteOnly. In my opinion you are one of the best if even not the best and most serious dating site I ever visited.
    Bernd S., Switzerland

  • I'm canceling my subscription since I found an incredible woman on this site. She'll be here shortly, and we'll marry. Thank you so much for helping me find her.
    Timothy L., USA

  • Must say that CuteOnly is the most enjoyable way to meet and get to know someone. The possibilities are endless. It truly allows one to discover and know another person who through time and communication may be significant and hopefully lasting. Keep up the good work.
    David C., USA

  • I can honestly say this is a legit site. There are a few, I mean very few scammers on it, they do a good job of screening the girls. It would be nice not to have recurring billing, but that is not a real problem due to the quality of their customer service. I have had a pleasant experience on the site, and have met a few ladies, and if the one I plan to meet don't work out I will be back here to try again, it is by far the best site for eastern European ladies.
    Richard O., USA

  • I have picked this CuteOnly site above all others because they make me feel secure from scammers and or women who are not sincere or serious in their effort to find a relationship. I have found it to be a trustworthy site who makes every effort to provide only credible serious contacts. They provide an excellent internal email service that is easy to use. All in all, I was well pleased with the entire experience I have had with CuteOnly and have had many promising responses through them. If things do not work out for me in what I am doing now, I will return to this service without a doubt.
    Jay F., Canada

  • I did reply with a thank you note where I acknowledged your outstanding professionalism, I even received a reply. I think you are the best site around and to know you are looking out for us guys trying to marry one of the thousands of beautiful women on your site really means a lot. The staff at CuteOnly are the best.
    Manuel J., USA

  • Hello, yes! I would like to share my success story. I saw Lyusia's picture and profile more than 9 months ago. We have talked many times over the phone and she shares my enthusiasium for a real meeting in her town south of Moscow. I have hope and faith that our meeting will be a happy one.
    John B., USA

  • Your customer service is always excellent. 
    Jonathan P., Venezuela

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