How to minimize the risk of being scammed while planning a meeting with a Slavic woman you met online

Are you in contact with a lovely Slavic lady who wants to visit you in your country but requires an international passport or visa and flight tickets? Is it realistic to guarantee her arrival in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe and help her obtain these papers without falling victim to an online dating scam?


Continue reading to learn about all the legal and practical actions you may take to meet your Slavic girl while avoiding a classic romance scam scenario:

1. Video chat with her

First and foremost, you must ensure that you are in contact with a real, genuine lady who is interested in you. Have you video-chatted with your Slavic girl on Skype, FaceTime, or another popular mobile messenger? No? So, how do you know she is a real person? Are you in love and chatting with a lovely Slavic girl you’ve never met before, and she expresses a great desire to visit you in your country? Sorry, but this is a complete online dating fraud! You’re one step closer to transferring money to a scammer. As proven by the numerous fraud cases reported on the Internet, many Western guys have done the same.

Prior to taking any additional action, try to meet her via video chat. If the lady with whom you are communicating refuses to appear on cam, end the connection immediately and report her profile.

2. Ask her some questions

If you’ve seen each other on cam and are both interested in further conversation, the following issue is: How can you verify her intentions regarding your future together? Even if she is real, she may con you out of travel expenditures without ever showing there. A few easy questions can assist you in reaching the correct conclusions. Why would a sincere and honest lady desire to spend time at a man’s residence even if she has never met him before? She’ll be alone with a complete stranger and leaving her house; won’t she be afraid?

The correct response is self-evident: no sane lady would travel overseas after merely exchanging letters or texts. A true and honest Slavic lady would expect you to first visit her in her country (or meet in a third country), not the other way around.

Case 1

Your girl insists on visiting you in your country and requests financial assistance to pay the cost of a visa and other travel charges. Oops! You have been contacted by a scammer. Visa scams are the most common method of stealing your money. There are several instances on anti-scammer forums and around the Internet.
To ensure your safety, submit her profile to the dating platform administration where you met immediately and cease all connections before you lose money and your heart.

Case 2

Your girl insists on coming to see you even though she will have to pay for her own travel. Is this offer also real? No, she is not requesting financial support at this moment. Please keep in mind, though, that it would be quite difficult for her to obtain a visa on her own if she doesn’t already have one for your nation.

If you check your embassy’s rules, you’ll discover that if you haven’t met in person, neither the US, Canadian, Australian, nor any other embassy will provide a visa to a young lady who is traveling on your invitation. This application for a visa will be denied.

By the way, hardly many Slavic females are prepared to take such a daring and hazardous action. Imposing herself on a man is not in their nature and goes against their traditional upbringing. So, how can you be sure it’s not a dating scam? Do you need additional proof?

  • The lady repeatedly claims that she can afford her own bills, but then discovers that the money for the trip is comparable to her whole family’s earnings. Or she claims she just requires a portion of the total and will pay the remainder on her own. You will feel embarrassed and will send her something to alleviate the discomfort.
  • You have seen the lady’s scanned tickets and visa. You both look forward to her coming shortly. However, a dreadful tragedy happens the day before the arrival. Her journey will be delayed due to the illness of a close member, criminals on the streets, or the requirement for supplementary travel papers like travel insurance. She will approach her dearly loved man abroad for cash assistance for any cause. You’ll send the money out of sympathy for her.
  • The woman has already left for the airport. You’re both looking forward to your first face-to-face meeting. Then she dials your number. She claims she is at customs and is being requested to show proof that she has enough money to pay her daily living costs while overseas. She sobs and claims she really needs the money. There is no time to waste. Will you pay the needed amount in order to save your princess?
  • The lady is at the airport’s customs desk. The immigration officer discovered an antique relic or anything expensive in her luggage. As an old Slavic tradition, she meant to deliver this to you as a gift. She urgently requires money in order to bribe an official and get through customs without incident.

The techniques mentioned above are just a handful that con artists use to extort money from guys abroad. All of their efforts are directed at earning your trust before soliciting donations.

3. Visit her country to meet her

Basically, you are already in a precarious position if a lady you met online asks you for money at any point to pay for her trip expenses. Why not use the money to book your own trip to Russia or Ukraine to meet real Slavic women? Come to your online woman and evaluate your feelings against reality if you are confident that she is a real person and reliable.

Visiting in person can be the wisest choice and a practical, efficient, and economical tactic that will assist:

  • minimize the danger of online dating fraud;
  • learn about her hometown’s customs and way of life;
  • meet her family and friends.

By the way, if you’re in contact with many ladies, you may meet them all or even other local women. When you get home, invite the person who was the best fit. This increases your chances of having a successful relationship.