How to impress a Russian woman


If you are not Russian and want to date a Russian girl, you may need a bit of an instruction manual. There are several things that Russian women dislike about Russian men – which gives you the opportunity to play up your differences (source: ABOUT.COM)

Be a gentleman

The complaint that “chivalry is dead” is so common now that it’s become a cliché. But it doesn’t have to be dead. Chivalry can be resurrected. A gentleman opens doors for a lady, walks closest to the curb, gives her his jacket, gives compliments sincerely and often, helps her to be seated, gives up his seat, helps a lady with her coat, gets her safely to her door and a lot more!

Navigate gender roles carefully

Don’t get stuck to the traditional conception of gender roles like most of the Russian men do. Try to accept the way she decides to live her life – whether she wants to be a career woman, a homemaker, or a mix of both; never be dismissive of any of these lifestyle choices. On a smaller scale you can also demonstrate this by being willing to cook and clean.

Be assertive

Being aggressively assertive like most of the Russian man is not the best tactic, plus you definitely don’t want to come off as indecisive or letting her make all the decisions. Keep it at a good balance, but especially at the beginning of a relationship, you want to make sure that you take control when necessary. Decide where you’re going for dinner and then invite her there.. Don’t call her up and say ‘what do you want to do?’. It’s not that Russian women don’t like to make decisions – in fact, in a lot of Russian relationships, women have the upper hand; it’s just that showing assertiveness shows that you’ll be able to match her decisiveness rather than leaving her to do all the work.

Be nice

This is an area where you can really shine against Russian men. Not to generalize too much, but many Russian men can be quite rough, and you can stand out by being considerate, compassionate, and generally making sure she’s comfortable, happy, and listened-to.

Dress nicely

Russian men tend to dress very simply, and once they’re in a relationship they can often forgo dressing well entirely and settle down into comfortable-meets-shabby gear. To impress her, do the opposite and dress sharply – not over-the-top, but look put together.