General precautions of online dating


Follow these simple rules to protect yourself from dishonest users while dating online (source: GoToRussia): 

  1. Beware of women who will not disclose their personal information to you, i.e. address, e-mail, or phone number.
  2. Beware of women who declare their love for you after just a few letters and generally come off as very strong in displaying their feelings, insisting on visiting you (on your expense), etc.
  3. Beware of women who ask for money for any reason whatsoever. You should immediately report these women to the agency. The amount may seem very small, however, she may be requesting that same amount from 20 to 100 people.
  4. Beware of women who want you to travel, and pay for them to travel, to a neutral place right away to meet them.
  5. Beware of women who tell you that they can obtain a tourist visa. They may say they can obtain the visa for a certain amount of money and ask you to send the money.
  6. Beware of women to whom you are writing that seem unavailable to meet you face to face when you are ready to travel. The excuse given might be something to do with some personal matter, a sudden illness of a family member, or numerous emergency scenarios.