Dating Russian women: Mistakes guys make

As an international dating service, we believe it is essential to explain the most typical mistakes Western men make while talking with Russian women. We are all human, and it is human to make mistakes while interacting with other people. However, if you want to prevent misunderstandings and uncomfortable circumstances, prepare ahead of time and learn how to avoid some of the most common blunders.


Not showing interest in her background

Knowing little about Russian culture will not help you if you decide to date a Russian woman. If you’re dating someone, you’d want them to know where you’re from, what you do, and what your interests are. It’s pretty much similar, except for foreign cultures and traditions, which are rather simple to learn about. You may learn a lot about Russian culture by doing a quick Google search.

Russian ladies who have gone on dates with Western men have occasionally stated that their date for the night was unaware of the location of their city on a map. Why would a gorgeous Russian lady go on a date with a careless man who doesn’t even attempt to learn the most basic basics about her background?

Falling in love too quickly

Another mistake Western guys make when starting a relationship with a Russian lady is talking about falling in love with her in their first letter. In Russia, the words “I love you” have a lot of weight. Russian guys seldom express such important things in the start of a relationship.

In Russia, saying “I love you” requires a lot of time, deep sentiments, and dedication. As a result, a Russian lady will be offended if a foreign man tries to persuade her of his profound affections from the start. Rather, she’d think he’s shallow, false, insincere, or worse, that he says this to every gorgeous women on the site.

Giving too few compliments

Appreciating beauty when you see it is something that is often lacking in Western societies. However, in Russia, women are quite self-conscious, and they like it when their partner recognizes their efforts. When on a date with a Russian woman, lavish her with compliments.

Even if you have a wonderful connection with her, you should compliment her. Some statements that make a Russian woman’s day include “Good morning, gorgeous,” “Your hair smells wonderful,” and “I adore the color of your eyes.” Recognize every small thing about her.

Not being careful in financial concerns

While some women are forced to become money parasites due to their social and economic conditions, others genuinely want to be in a romantic relationship. Not all Russian women are ready to leave you after they have obtained an American visa.

Even if a Russian woman is independent, she will still expect her partner to take care of her. Never request that she split the cost of living like you would an American lady. While most Western women would joyfully do this, it is not particularly respectful to a Russian lady.

Not discussing your future goals together

Consider a Russian lady as a prospective future. Never try to turn a Russian lady into a slave or a housewife so she may enjoy a simple life. She is not a trophy wife either. All people, including Russian women, need to be treated with respect. Russian women are intelligent enough to recognize a man who wants a marriage after just one date.

Seek for love and prosperous marriages. A Russian lady has traits that will satisfy you; just don’t force her to display them.