CuteOnly Client’s Story

Sometimes our support receives more than a message with a technical problem or a billing issue. Sometimes, we receive messages like this. Nothing cut out of it, nothing added. He even refers to us as — we decided to leave it like this.
Believe it or not, I have found someone through your service and dated one other about 18 months ago.  The girl I date at the moment lives in Moscow.  We have were chatting since November 2012, and met and had holiday in Bali in June 2013.  We are going to Thailand in 3 weeks time to meet again.  I hope for the best, but I will use your service again if it doesn’t work out.
I am very pleased that you are actively managing the service now.  I see that the number of scammers is being reduced on your site and that you actively eliminate them now!!!  Previously, it appeared that no one from cared.  I could not contact anyone about my problems.  You should care because the man is your paying customer, not the scammer :)))
In my opinion, removing of scammers is the single most important thing that you can do if you want to build a great business.    Your site will be unique and will gain good market share.  There are many, many, many bad sites around which are run by scammers, or have scammers with fake profiles…..  I know all of the tricks :(  
To be honest, in the early days of my subscription, scammers was a big problem.  Now you are solving this, you have the opportunity to run a great business by controlling and eliminating scammers.  I like that I have direct contact with the girls.  Thumbs up to this as well!!!  I wish you good luck!!!