Break the ice with these smart online dating tips

If you have experience with international online dating, you are aware of how difficult starting lines may be. You aren’t in a position to use your own appearance, tone of voice, or body language to assist establish a connection. What do you then? The solution is that you require a strong icebreaker for online dating.


What should you write when initiating a conversation with a Slavic woman on an international dating website?

Give her something to react to

If you want a Slavic woman to respond to your message, you must say something that at the very least warrants a response. Just “Hello” or “What’s up?” isn’t enough, and will get considerably fewer responses than practically anything else. One of the most effective techniques is to pose a question that necessitates the lady revealing something personal.

But, not any question will do. Asking about her favorite color is no more likely to elicit a response than “What’s up?” On the other hand, if you question her about something relating to any interests she mentioned in her profile, she is likely to respond. It’s also a plus if you can think of an interesting manner to phrase the topic.

Personalize it so you may discover more about her

As previously said, you have access to a Slavic woman’s profile and images before messaging her, so take advantage of any information you have about her. If she mentions favorite movies or books, bring them up. If you notice her on her profile photo playing tennis, strike up a chat about your favorite players.

Whenever you want to ask her something, make sure you have a good answer yourself

Asking a question that could also disclose something personal about you is not anything to be frightened of. Receiving just one response might not be sufficient, so bring up a subject you feel at ease discussing. Try bringing up a topic, for instance, about which you may share a fun tale.

On the other hand, if you’ve never seen a single ballerina perform on stage, don’t ask about ballet! The woman you’re trying to talk to probably won’t want to keep up the conversation if it becomes obvious that you know nothing about her passions.

Make it original and smart

Consider all the communications you’ve ever seen or received. Did any of them particularly strike out to you? Remember that you’re chatting to a genuine lady who, if she’s used to internet dating, isn’t expecting much from you. If you can think of anything intelligent to say, the woman is more likely to reply. In fact, some people will reply to someone merely because they come up with a great remark.

A witty joke or anything lighthearted is much simpler to respond to than something extremely serious or intimate. Keep it light and as creative as you can while focusing on her passions.

Make your intentions known right away

You know what you’re searching for in a message, so be specific. It’s fine to express your desire for a casual relationship. It’s preferable to be upfront and let your Slavic woman know where you stand from the beginning. You may still be witty and adorable while staying on track… and the recipient of your communication will most likely appreciate your candor and respond to you.

What should you avoid saying when first approaching a Slavic woman?

Avoid sending these boring, unimaginative, and occasionally disturbing messages that frequently receive no response:

Hi! What’s up? – This is a weak line to begin with since it is overused and impersonal. You’re not asking a particular question about your potential match, and you’re not disclosing anything personal about yourself to her. In summary, she is unlikely to reply to this line since you aren’t providing her with anything to respond to.

Anything offensive – This is strictly forbidden. If you send an aggressive, rude, or disrespectful message, you will very certainly receive no response. In the unlikely occasion that you do receive a response, it will most likely be not a nice one.

Being overly straightforward – While it’s advisable to be upfront about your expectations while dating online, don’t go overboard. You’ll likely convey the impression that you don’t want to get to know the woman if you cut directly to the chase. Always make an effort to show genuine interest.

Message templates – Bad online dating pick-up lines are simple to share knowledge of thanks to the Internet, especially social media… who makes use of them. You wouldn’t want anyone to learn that you messaged each and every woman on with the exact identical message.

Moving too fast – Don’t tell the woman you can’t wait to marry or have children with her! You’re still a stranger to her, and attempting to move too soon in the relationship will almost always turn her off.

You want to do something to/with her despite the fact that she doesn’t even know who you are! You could think you’re being pleasant, amusing, or witty by saying anything like this, but it usually comes off as weird. Remember that she only recently met you, and a message like this may be misinterpreted as being too direct.