All you need to know before dating a Ukrainian girl

Men from all over the world travel to Ukraine in the hopes of finding the perfect Ukrainian woman for marriage. What is it about Ukrainian women that attract guys to travel thousands of miles to meet them?

Ukrainian ladies have always been among the world’s most beautiful females with sophisticated and opulent appearances. They are well-groomed and always dressed elegantly, in addition to being naturally attractive.

When you first visit Ukraine, you may be surprised by the number of gorgeous women there. No doubt, any single guy will be astonished by their natural beauty, and the idea of dating one of them will come to mind. It’s a good thing you can now date them online and set up a later meeting.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Foreign visitors to Ukraine often get impressed by the warmth and hospitality of attractive Ukrainian brides. They are upbeat, easygoing, and friendly. Also, Ukrainian women are eager to meet new people and, thanks to their keen wit and open mind, can maintain an interesting discussion.

Finally, what attracts foreigners the most is the fact that Ukrainian brides mix power and femininity. Despite the fact that Ukrainian women are ambitious and entrepreneurial, they are staunch supporters of traditional family values.

Well, I hope you’ve already made a decision to find your perfect match from one of the cute single Ukrainian ladies online?  Now, you should prepare ahead of time if you want to get the most out of dating these lovely women.

Be patient

One of the most distinctive features of Ukrainian dating culture is that women take a long time to open up about themselves to you. They may take weeks or even months to complete, but if you are serious about getting one, you will have no choice but to wait. Remember that good things usually take time?

Be generous

Prepare to pay for all of your dating expenses, including meals, beverages, cab fees, and anything else, so be prepared. The male is the primary provider in Ukrainian dating culture. This isn’t to say she won’t pitch in again and then, but even if she’s the one who set the date up, you might have to pay. Do it with a smile on your face.

Be smart

Women from Ukraine and Russia are smart and well-educated. When courting someone, strive to do it in the most sophisticated way possible; conduct your study on anything you’re not sure about, and don’t go out of your way to show your ignorance. Simply be a gentleman who can hold his own in a discussion. It might be about art, culture, politics, or anything else you can think of.

Show your interest

Ukrainian women place an excessive amount of emphasis on communication with their partners, therefore if you want your relationship to succeed, you need learn to be an engaging speaker and listener.

A normal Ukrainian woman seeks a man who is both masculine and driven. Demonstrate an interest in learning more about her, her way of life, her family, and her life in general. But don’t get too carried away with what she’s accomplished in her professional life. Women used to be predominantly housewives in Ukraine, but that is rapidly changing.

Be honest and open

During dating, Ukrainian women will virtually never stop asking questions. On different dates, she will ask you the same questions. Even if you opt to go out on dates with other ladies, you will still hear a lady ask you the same questions she asked you before.

When responding to her, avoid being snarky because it may irritate her. Again, do not tell her falsehoods; instead, answer her honestly since she will be able to see through your lies if you do.

Get ready for long nights out

Ukrainians and Russians have a habit of staying out too late. Prepare yourself if you are not used to staying out late. This is a pretty normal habit in Ukraine. Of course, each lady is unique, and you can easily stumble across homegirls, but the majority of Ukrainian women like lengthy evenings out.

Welcome to the family

You should be aware that Ukrainian women have strong ties to their family, so be prepared to meet her relatives if your relationship progresses to that point. If the lady you’re seeing says she’ll introduce you to her family, be prepared to dine and drink with them while they assess your suitability.

Her mother, sisters, and aunts will overfeed you, while her father and uncles will overfeed you with booze. Keep an eye on whether you still act like a gentleman while you’re drunk.

This, however, should not cause you concern because it is their way of expressing their love and devotion for you via beverages and food. Remember to bring a bouquet of flowers for the mother and a bottle of champagne for the father as gifts for the girl’s parents.

Learn some Ukrainian language

It’s important investing some time and studying about their cultural quirks in order to better understand these women and discover the simplest and most successful method to win them over. Many of them like adore native language and would be delighted if you learn a few words and phrases in Ukrainian, particularly if they are pleasant.

So, don’t underestimate the power of the native language. Learn at least 7 simple Ukrainian phrases and make Ukrainian ladies fall in love with your accent!

Привіт /pryv’it/ = hi

Between friends and individuals you know well, “Привіт” means “hello.” In a casual environment, like as a party, you may say “Привіт” to welcome someone you don’t know.

Добрий день /dobryj den’/ = hello

Depending on the time of day, Ukrainians use different words to say “hi”. However, “добрий день” is the most common and ubiquitous expression. It literally means “good afternoon”, although it may be used at any time.

Дякую /d’akuju/ = thank you

Be thankful! Say “дякую” anytime you wish to express gratitude to someone.

Як справи? /Jak spravy/ = How are you?

This is a great way to start a discussion. Yes, I agree that you haven’t been able to keep the discussion going in Ukrainian so far, but why not start with asking in Ukrainian, “How are you?” “Як справи?” literally translates to “How are your things?” but we use it to inquire about someone’s well-being. It can be used in both professional and casual situations.

Так /tak/ = Yes

The word “Так” means “yes”. You may hear “da” (Russian, but Ukrainians use it as well) from time to time.

Ні /ni/ =No

The word “Ні” stands for “no”. You could also hear “нє” /nye/ (a colloquial way of saying “no”).

Па-па /pa-pa/ = Bye!

Use a Western Ukrainian humorous “па-па” or a Russian-like “пока” /paka/ for a casual farewell in Kyiv and Eastern Ukraine.